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  1. Hey guys, i don't know if this has happened before but i found this yesterday. I clashed beta blade with ride the lightning and did YRC after the clash to stop myself getting hit. Normally Beta blade is not YRCable but here the YRC occurs as well as the red X to signify you cant do it. Any ideas what happened? https://youtu.be/ePGmWTBKLE8
  2. HunterSteven

    Potemkin Video Critique Thread - HOW DO I HOLD THESE BUSTERS

    So many things, i'll make sure to keep these points in mind. Thanks so much for the help.
  3. HunterSteven

    Potemkin Video Critique Thread - HOW DO I HOLD THESE BUSTERS

    Hey guys, had a tournament last week and i could use some advise. And yeah, i dropped a lot of combos and busters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUfNfs3BMCs&list=PLdSyh7OL8XQ0bLo5Pv0V2ePv-aHe5XvwH&index=6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CfQfG6g-CE&index=7&list=PLdSyh7OL8XQ0bLo5Pv0V2ePv-aHe5XvwH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-aPZyAh0MY&index=11&list=PLdSyh7OL8XQ0bLo5Pv0V2ePv-aHe5XvwH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsPxDAYDPeQ&index=12&list=PLdSyh7OL8XQ0bLo5Pv0V2ePv-aHe5XvwH Thanks in advance
  4. HunterSteven

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    what is 2147D?
  5. HunterSteven

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    okay thanks for the advise, another question. Is it possible to combo off a 234B without rapid cancelling?
  6. HunterSteven

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    so if i did 2B would i just end it and start a new string? also what is IAD, instant air dash? thanks for the help
  7. HunterSteven

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    I need some help to figure out how to do blockstrings, everytime an opponent blocks my moves i just freeze up and back away since i dont know what to do, and that usually leads to my opponents gaining the advantage and destroying me, so some tips on applying pressure would be great thanks
  8. HunterSteven

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    hi, im new so im not sure what to say but im looking for some matches so i can improve on my game. I seem to get only 0 bar connections so i get kicked out of allot of games. i guess if i could add some of you guys nd get some matches and feedback that would be great. thanks
  9. Can't believe i never thought of that, thanks
  10. I want to get Continuum shift extend but the stores i tried all dont have it. I'm going to try more stores but if i cat find one what sites can i get an english version? thanks
  11. thanks for the tips, i knew the characters were different so i guess there arent general tips on everything. I dont have the option of playing against other people until i get it on ps3, just wondering what modes would be good to just gain experience, unless of course playing any mode and doing battles is good.
  12. Hi this is my first time posting so im not sure if im in the right area, I've recently gotten Blazblue Continuum Shift extend on the psp to try out the game, and soon i'm going to try and get it on ps3 as well as a stick. I've never seriously played a 2d fighter and the only other fighting game i play is tekken so i have some good experience. Overall I've been able to get a basic grasp of the game, I can do some basic combos(up to around 8 or 9 of challenge mode with some characters). My main concerns are things like movement, punishing and safely getting off the ground. I tend to freeze up when the AI starts attacking since i dont know how to interrupt or punish. I also tend to get hit allot after i tech roll(not sure if correct term). Overall I'd like some tips on the basics while i brush up before i get it on ps3 and play people online. Characters im trying to main are Lanbda-11, Hazama and Litchi so tips on then would also be great.