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  1. I need at least 2 UNIST setups tomorrow willing to pay venue whoever brings a setup
  2. There is a new gaming venue in SoCal right next to Cal State Northridge call Worlds Collide. A e-sports tournament group call Dreamcatcher Gaming will be helping running/streaming this event also I will be helping. This event will be a weekly Thursday nights 8pm-2am and tournament should start 9:30 pm for all games.The venue is nice have 10 benq monitors for tournament use and ps4s setups. There is a parking in the shopping plaza and street parking if the plaza gets to packed. There are plenty places to eat. Address: 18110 Nordhoff St Suite C, Northridge, CA 91325 Venue Fee: $5 ( Venue fee can be reduced to $4 if you provide a setup P.S. currently need more UNIST setups) Entry: All games free to enter Contact: (818)-678-9712 Website: http://worldscollidegaming.com/ Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamcatchergaming Bracket : http://challonge.com/users/nostalgic91 18110 No The current line up right now will be Guilty Gear XRD Rev2 (PS4) Blazblue Central Fiction (PS4) Under Night in Birth EXE Late ST (PS4) Will be providing other gaming setups for casual use which include Chaos Code NSOC, Nitroplus Blasterz, GG+R, CVS2, Fate Unlimited Codes, GG Isuka ps2 port with brooks ps4/ps3 converter to ps2, Arcade Supergun which has Neo Geo Board sometimes my friends can bring a VSAV Cps2 board or 3rd Strike cps3 board. In the future Gundam Versus and Dragon Ball Fighter Z, or other anime/poverty games can be added if there is interest.
  3. Stream : Game Realms https://www.twitch.tv/game_realms (XRDR or BBCF and GG+R) & Numakie https://m.twitch.tv/numakie (XRDR orBBCF, MBAACC, Mystery game, CVS2) The Link post of the tournament:
  4. nos_talgic

    That SoCal Thread Encompassing LA, Orange & Riverside

    i think you should post info about san diego saltmine scene too http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2928-san-diegos-thread-of-meetups-every-friday-night-at-sd-saltmines/
  5. nos_talgic

    That SoCal Thread Encompassing LA, Orange & Riverside

    http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8529-818-the-valley-ultimate-gaming-center-in-los-angeles-ca/ the second reply in this link tell us about the times and dates.
  6. nos_talgic

    That SoCal Thread Encompassing LA, Orange & Riverside

    I run bi weekly fri anime fighter/poverty events also monthly Saturday tournaments at ugc feel free to ask questions.
  7. nos_talgic

    Going To/Running My First Gathering/Tournament

    im I doing a good job about this event thread i made? http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F8529-818-the-valley-ultimate-gaming-center-in-los-angeles-ca%2F
  8. nos_talgic

    [FB] EXVSFB Wiki Project

    i wish more people play this
  9. is there going to be any chaos code tourneys or casuals? If not im down to run some.