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  1. Signing Up: http://challonge.com/kofpi1 Simple Rules: If a player disconnects from a match, they forfeit 1 game to their opponent. Losers may switch characters in a team. If the connection between players is unplayable, with consent from both players 1 may advance winning a roll. Communication: Report your match results in the twitch.tv chat with “@phantomindex” so we can record and proceed. Watch it all here: The Entire tournament will be broadcasting on my twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/phantomindex All tournament footage will be uploaded towards my YouTube channel afterwards.
  2. PhantomIndex

    GGXrd Tournament #1 phantomindex.tv

    Online Netplay Tournament for players of any level. Tournament starts @ 6:00 PM EST on (2/20/2015). The tournament will be broadcasted via Twitch.tv on http://www.phantomindex.tv. Everyone is welcomed to join, just check out the link at the bottom of this post to enter the tournament! Communication: Report your match results in the twitch.tv chat with “@phantomindex” in the message so we can record and proceed further into the tournament. You have the option to join us in voice chat using our mumble server. You can connect to our mumble using the IP and Port below: IP: mumble.phantomindex.tv Port: 64738 Date: Tournaments will be hosted on Saturdays at 6:00 PM EST. You must enter the tournament at the least 20 minutes before the tournament starts. Rules: Matches are best 2 out of 3. Final Matches are best 3 out of 5. If you’re 5 minutes late for your match you will be given a warning. If you don’t show up 5 minutes after warning you will be sent to the losers bracket or disqualified. The winner is responsible for reporting match results. Connection issues: If the connection in the match is near unplayable, both players may agree to leave the match at a draw or determine the fight with a dice roll. If issues persist with your connection you may be sent to losers bracket or disqualified. Tournaments & Sign Up: http://phantomindex.challonge.com/
  3. PhantomIndex

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    Guess I'll add my stream here since I'll be casting this almost all the damn time. http://www.twitch.tv/phantomindex
  4. PhantomIndex

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    We've mastered it. Now its time for us to master the next worse thing.
  5. PhantomIndex

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    I've notice that too, but you can also do a 6C then 214C.
  6. I'd wait for the patch coming soon and try her out some more. Izayoi is decent but requires a lot of proper execution along with some predicting.
  7. PhantomIndex

    [FB] Online Matchmaking & PSN List

    Ello everyone! just add me! PSN: Phantom_Index JPSN: phantomindexjp I'm still deciding on my unit atm, but could use some friends to play with and learn some tricks.
  8. Story mode or finish some modes
  9. Gallery mode yeah. You use your BB money, but if you mean announcers then those you have to buy with Yen
  10. Do you mean the announcers? If so it's in the settings I think either game or audio and just find the option where it shows Type B and A.
  11. PhantomIndex

    The King's Games (BBCP 3v3)($200 in Prizes)

    Saturdays I usually have work. I might be able to make it depending on the schedule.