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  1. EasyModeNub

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    The only things that suprised me about this tier list was I would expect Millia and Slayer to be B and A tier respectively, and for Bacon to be B tier. However, when you stop and think about it for more than a full minute and look at the characters objectively instead of "that character is so broken" or "that character always rapes me", it makes sense (and has been stated by multiple other people). Slayer - His damage is good... REALLY GOOD, but you can react to all of his mixups (which have never been that amazing); especially at the level of play that tier lists are based on. Millia - Just like Slayer, pretty much every combo is going to put you in the corner but with less damage. However, her mixup is so fast and so good that she's going to consistently land combos because you can barely react. CD said is best when he told me that killing with two 50% combos or three 40% means fuck all if you can't land them consistently; compared to killing in four 25-30% combos or five 20% combos if you can land them constantly. Millia does the latter with gusto. Bacon - I just suck at fighting bacon, but I realize she's not exactly amazing. Can't exactly say why, but I just get that feeling. I know, very informative. =/ But whatever, just my 2 cents on the topic and it's just opinion anyways. Play the character you like and don't worry about tier stress.
  2. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC match vids

    Random was being used in the sense of arbitrary.
  3. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC Combos

    That's actually the corner dust combo I've been using for awhile now. I picked it up from the bloodline combo video. They even show that it's burst safe and the follow up if they burst. lol Works on quite a few characters. Testy, Eddie, Axl, Faust, Slayer, etc IIRC.
  4. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC match vids

    For most characters Abare is the reward (combo dmg) off of randomly confirmed hit. For Slayer it's confirming random hits into bareback anal rape.
  5. No problem man, didn't need a clone running around. The new request sounds pretty awesome so I'll give that a shot.

  6. Ya, I noticed that his was pretty much the same as what I requested. I didn't realize that somebody had already requested hakumen's astral. Maybe have Hakumen doing his neutral throw animation on the letters EMN but with the huge beam from bang's astral coming out of his hand. When the beam clears the letters are gone and a question mark appears near his head. Preferably with the grey color scheme with orange hair (color scheme 2?) If it's too large to do let me know and I'll think of something else. Thank you for asking me about the other AV before you started.

  7. About your avatar: I feel a little weird doing it, having just done Jeel's which is virtually identical. Jeel.gif Is there anything else you'd want? Do you care if it's basically just a dupe?

  8. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC match vids

    I still have all of his combo vids. lololol
  9. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC match vids

    IIRC 5H>pile bunker>rc>6H>under pressure>c.S>air combo was a favorite of mine.
  10. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC Combos

    Fun time with Axl CH 2H>5H>jD>j2K>jK>djH>djK>5H>ad jD>j2K>jK>5H>iad jD. Should work anywhere on the screen.
  11. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC Combos

    Ya, sorry about that. There really isn't any better advice than practice practice practice for your question. Hopefully you get it down soon. good luck.
  12. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC Combos

    I assume you mean during the sjH loop. Just practice it, that's all the advice that can really be given about it. =/
  13. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC Combos

    Slayer is all about freestyling. It seriously is the test of how well you know Slayer. lol Learning to freestyle is what makes your abare and mixups/pressure effective. P.S. I really really wish you could BDC BBU. A MAN CAN DREAM CAN'T HE!!!!
  14. EasyModeNub

    Slayer AC Combos

    I'm definitely going to get that down. Fun combo to do... if you ever get the chance. CH tk DHD (hit with the purple orb)>5H>iad jH>5H>iad jKx2>5H>sjH>sjD>sj2K>sjK>5H>iad jD. Yes, I really have done this in match... I did it on wakeup... it was retarded.
  15. EasyModeNub

    [CS1] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    Hooray for my retarded selective reading skills... I'm awesome.