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  1. Kokurokoki

    [CSE] Hakumen Combo Thread

    Yeah. In Extend. I don't have the game on hand atm, so I can't test it out. I did dedicate half an hour to it, but I only got the Enma -> j2C, 5C to land a few times out of the 50 or so tries...
  2. Kokurokoki

    [CSE] Hakumen Combo Thread

    Hmm... Is Enma -> standing 5C a viable combo? Or can we go from j2C to 5C? Does it only work on certain characters?
  3. Kokurokoki

    [CSE] Hakumen Combo Thread

    Just gonna throw up a combo that I got messing around with the AI in training. STARTER -> Renka (1) -> Kishuu (1), 66 or 5, 5C -> Kishuu (2), j2C, 2C, j2A AD j2A, j2C, 2C, j2A, AD, j2A, j2A, j5C 5 Stars and roughly 5200 damage. I'll update it when I can get on blazblue again, I might have messed up the corner loop sequence. Just know that you corner loop at the end. It can carry the opponent from the starting point of the stage into the corner even if you don't use the 66 dash after the Kishuu. I got inspired from watching the Chin vs Sakamoto matches. It's a little simplified, but it works and doesn't require many advanced techniques like IAD or TK Hotaru/Tsubaki. The only problem is that is probably not the most efficient use of magitama. Hopefully it isn't against the rules. I'm still practicing it in training, so I'll post some more after I can get it to work in matches. >_<
  4. Kokurokoki

    [CSE] Hakumen Combo Thread

    I have a little trouble timing the hop, so I've been doing it without it for now. Also, when practicing the combo, do you have to begin with some sort of starter? The video has Hakumen starting with 5C before going into the combo. Is it possible to do the combo starting at with the Renka (1), or does it not give you enough hitstun to finish the combo?
  5. Kokurokoki

    [CSE] Hakumen Combo Thread

    Hakumen noob here. I'm looking at the BnB combos and I've been wondering why you do a dash after your Renka (1) > Kishuu. I'm reading the input on the OP as Renka (1) > Kishuu, 2C. But in the video I see the input as Renka (1) > Kishu, 66 2C. Is there any reason why we input the 66? I was practicing in training earlier after watching Chin, and I noticed that you can do the first part without the dash. But it seems that it is rather paramount seeing as everyone does it. Can anyone shed light on this late-bloomer Haku player?