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  1. Issen

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    I'm thinking it might be a better idea to use it for a guaranteed kill just above the Awakening threshold so they don't get the bonus since SR combos are unburstablr
  2. Issen

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    I've been thinking about how S.Narukami will work in 2.0. Been trying to come up with SR combos in the wake of no Zio Cancels, and I've got something, but his corner damage doesn't match up with the midscreen damage. Will need to experiment more with the new Issen crumple. Though I've started thinking -- because of how SR can be accessed at any meter level as long as Burst is available, maybe it'll be less about saving meter for a 5-6k combo and more about looking for opportunities to use SR similarly to how one might use OMB. Hey, maybe tack on three supers at the end of a FC corner combo?
  3. Issen

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    Yeah, B Lion Feint looks a fair bit easier to anti-air, and I've heard about extra landing recovery, which could also be a pain. If that's the case, I'm wondering if that still applies when you perform an attack after the feint.
  4. Issen

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    I made a video that may help people wanting to play Shadow Narukami. There didn't seem to be an obvious explanation of what's actually happening in S.Narukami's SR combos, so I took it upon myself to make that explanation. Not really sure how useful or necessary this video is, though. It may already be common knowledge, or maybe people just think that playing a Shadow that isn't Chie is likely not worth it. But I thought I'd put something out there.