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  1. Just did it myself, and we didnt get anything, very dissapointed lol Hopefully they release the boss mode as dlc later, really want to play boss mode nine
  2. Do we get anything if we clear boss rush in 1 run? I really want to play as boss mode nine lol and yeah I agree the depth 31 is the hardest, I need to abuse the pause button to beat her lol
  3. Thanks, very little info about her.... Guess just need to wait then I hope nine is playable too later lol
  4. Any CF changelog for the pink cat? A footage would be better if theres any
  5. Been playing xrd lately, but I gotta try doing it faster then, I tried the combo on ragna couple of times and ice gun always whiff Edit: I give up, I tried on ragna and jin for 30 min, and the ice gun always whiff, maybe this combo is just not for me lol Maybe my problem is that I need to delay the 236c hit, if its not delayed the 22b wont hit after 5c 214a (height problem) The kokonoe is kagetsu
  6. Your combo does work, but when I try it I cant end it with the ice gun after the 5c since after the bunker rocket hit the opponent can immediately tech, I also think they can hit you first if you try to set up 22b after the combo (unless Im doing something wrong on the combo)
  7. It got decent damage, but I think you will lose 22b oki ender and also lose the chance to end with super since after bunker b hit the opponent can immediate tech My corner throw: throw 9d 2c (slight delay to make opponent float higher) 236d 22b 5b 5c 236b ender Ender could be: 5c 22b 214a oki 5b 5c 22b oki 5c 236c (50 meter for extra 1000 damage) 5b 5c 214214a 4d 236d 236c (100 meter for extra 1500 damage) Btw can we do golden tager combo from throw? Even though Im having trouble by the new golden tager input, but just curious lol And I still dont know how to play the matchup againts nu properly, throwing graviton to scare them with teleport is a good idea, but its risky since we can be shotted from far while doing it And the 5dd 4dd blockstring is just ughh, they throw gravity with that blockstring, and koko can only sit there cant do anything (well its the case for most character though lol) Anyone have a guard cancel OD combo for nu 5dd distance? For now I just pick izayoi if I met a nu player, my koko is hopeless lol
  8. On midscreen if they roll backward use 3c, if they roll forward use 2a/2b? Im not really sure myself since I usually just set 22b after bunker midscreen and play another neutral game (except againts haz and nu, just chase them lol) On corner if you use 5b 5c 22b ender, mashing 2b after 22b will prevent them from late teching and rolling since 2b will catch them (and the 22b will hit afterward, free combo)
  9. I used to do that in 1.1, but the ball fall really slow now, it might be a good variation though I'll stick to 5b 5c for now since my friends tend to tech asap, free 50:50 high/low (j2c/2b) lol
  10. Umm I think the main idea is get a knockdown and set her gadget? You can use her drive/graviton to control position too like pushing away those without zoning capability or to approach zoner via teleport Well maybe other can explain it better lol Anyway, got another question, whats the disadvantage on doing ~236b 5b 5c 22b corner oki compared to ~236b 5c 22b one? I like this one better than the old 5c 22b since it force opponent to tech faster, I dont need to time my meaty, just need to mash 2b right after it lol
  11. Yeah, we need the complete change list, Im not really confident with her 6a now, most of time I just block even though I know I can react with 6a lol Anyway how to fight nu? Im really strugling, her 5dd 4dd 5dd sickle blockstring really lock me down, she got the answer for anything that I do after blockng the sickle, deploying graviton for teleport also risky, Im confused on how to play this match up
  12. Does her 6a got changed on extend? Why I feel its not as good as in 1.1 for anti airing, or is it just me?
  13. Mirasantika

    [CP] Trophy Guide & Discussion

    ^All course give 30m bonus when you clear it afaik And yeah, course D is definitely have harder AI compared to course A for me too
  14. Mirasantika

    [CP] Trophy Guide & Discussion

    Pick nu, choose course A, sickle (236d) on the start of the battle to knock enemy down, hit them with 5dd>sickle on their wake up from far, repeat till they died, easy double perfect netting you 30m each stage, shouldnt be that hard to hit 200m score (I got around 250m using that method)
  15. Mirasantika

    [CP] Trophy Guide & Discussion

    Another tips for highlander, he always do super when he got 100 heat (either its charged laser, the middle laser with barricade, or AH if you have low hp), so you can kinda control when he will do super (by letting yourself getting hit or attacking him) It will be easier if you make him got 100 heat after you remove his 3 guard crushing ball/3 sentry, you really dont want to cancel his charged laser with those annoying ball/sentries