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  1. Thanks for the video JCraile. The Ramlethal appears to be Karinchu who plays Johnny in +R

  3. avprox777- FontName= FontSize=15 Antialias=0 [Window] PosX=-999 PosY=-999 ZoomX=1.00 ZoomY=1.00 [Network] ReceiveThreadPriority=0 ReceiveThreadInterval=3 ReceiveThreadMethod=0 MaxPacketSize=256 IgnoreSlowConnections=0
  4. change # to # in other words just keep the folder name the same but retype the # sign
  5. try using the alternate lobbies www.nurupodensetsu.com/ggn/delay1/ggnlobby.cgi www.nurupodensetsu.com/ggn/delay2/ggnlobby.cgi www.nurupodensetsu.com/ggn/delay3/ggnlobby.cgi www.nurupodensetsu.com/ggn/delay5/ggnlobby.cgi www.nurupodensetsu.com/ggn/delay6/ggnlobby.cgi www.nurupodensetsu.com/ggn/ex/ggnlobby.cgi take your pick. just because it says delay1/2/etc doesn't mean you have to use that delay
  6. vxnine

    Fate/Unlimited Codes

    Oh wow. I must be getting really behind with the news on this game. I didn't even know that she would be in this game. Anyways, awesome looking character.
  7. vxnine

    AC Eddie: Videos & Discussion

    Video of Shachou steam rolling through Machabo, Koichi, Isa, and Nemo http://youtube.com/watch?v=t8BHBch0tKk
  8. vxnine

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    thanks for the upload! i've been wanting to see this ochoubson guy play
  9. vxnine

    How to airdash after the Chemical Love

    i just got 6frc6 down today. i've found that if you hit 6frc6 right immediately you press k for hcl it'll come out edit- oops i meant HCL
  10. what program are you talking about? if you're talking about the lastest ggxxnet patch, it's here: http://ggxxnet.mad.buttobi.net/GGXXNETv120.zip
  11. vxnine

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    not really a good replay because it has me mostly getting raped but if you want a good laugh, please download it fast forward to the 86 second mark of the 1st round and prepare yourself for the most stupid, scrubiest thing i (and probably anyone) have EVER done on #R online i won't spoil it, so take a look for yourself
  12. download this save data http://www.guiltygear.ru/files/utils/GGXXR_PC_Savedata_All_Opened.zip put it in this folder: C:\Program Files\GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD\backupdata when it asks you to replace the .dat file click yes
  13. do you have windows vista?