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  1. He mentioned on twitter that there was some technical issue he had to resolve before he could get the new (to CF) sprites imported.
  2. after j. b j. 4c, sub j. d for j. 2d and they'll stay in front of you. also your j. 6b is most likely whiffing because you're not letting enough hits of j. b in j. aabc connect. You want to let more connect so you end up as close to the ground as possible.
  3. Not that surprising considering the age of the PS3, but FWIW I believe media create sales numbers still do not include digital, so that's going to be substantially lower than the quantity they've actually sold
  4. Yeah. I think technically it's only an 'instant air dash' if it's off the ground, but you're jump cancelling the j. D with the same 956 input so it's easier to just write it as IAD.
  5. It's IAD j. 5B, j. 4C, the 4C input keeps him lower to the ground and lets you recover in time. That combo works like 90% of the time as written, but the other 10% if they were at the tip of your 6B range when you confirmed, you'll have to let the j. B hit more than once before the j. 4C. The timing to get that sequence at the right height is a little tight, but on the bright side if you can get that one bit down (the jump cancel airdash j. 5B, j. 4C) you're home free. That's about the hardest thing he has to do in this version. The more common version that you should probably learn since it more closely mimics his other pre-curse confirms is xx, 6B, j. 6D, jump cancel airdash j. B, j. 4C, j.D, 6D delay jump cancel, j. D, curse ender of choice. You basically just bounce them between 6D and j. D which is how his corner confirms work as well. If the bell bug on 6D isn't coming out, you're jump cancelling it too early.
  6. Midscreen, 2C is just used in situations where 6B won't reach, like a max range 2A confirm. In the corner you get full curse off either one so it's less of an issue, you can just use whatever is more expedient based on what normal you're confirming off.
  7. A few extra frame data changes: 2B is now 8 frames making it his fastest low and a better starter than 2A (though it's minus on block, looks ~-2), the new B bug is 13 frames, and 6A hits crouchers on frame 24 this time around.
  8. Airdash j. 4C whiff causes the fast fall.
  9. Not sure if this was confirmed or not yet, but for reference 6B is frame 3 autoguard.
  10. Hooray demo. To answer some questions we all had: -P reject works purely on proximity. If the opponent is in any state (neutral, blocking, attacking, hit stun) the spider comes out if the opponent's push box (not hurt box) and clone touch. Blocking opponents will not be wrapped up, but the spider on block doesn't seem like an easy punish. 214B (the fake walk) seems the most useful at first glance since it puts your clone body right over them and activates P reject against pretty much every grounded state I've tried so far. YES, as the Pspider is triggered by the opponent's pushbox and not their hurtbox it does bait dead angles and DPs and has a pretty damn good hit box; it will catch C Divider pretty much 100%, and will catch a good portion of Azrael's. - The wheel (j.236C) can be done extremely low to the ground now, and all hits are still overheads. I'm not sure why we didn't see this used a lot on JP play, but this seems like one of the cheapest things he got. IAD j. 4B, j. 236C in curse is like a ten hit string that must all be blocked high, confirms, and does good damage while still having a lot of low options. Considering the hit box on j. 236C it's probably a really good way to pin people down once you're in curse now. - The recovery reduction on the cloud is extremely noticeable. -The lowered height restriction on wall teleport is fairly low now. He can enter the wall exactly where a standing arakune's mask is/about where most characters 5As hit.
  11. E's is looking pretty far from a standard character based on what we've seen. She has a projectile and an invincible move, but her drive is very non-standard, her mix-up between Gawain and the DDT looks to be very different and (probably) fun, and she has two different install mechanics. Her drive alone would move her outside of the standard category IMO. I know pessimism sort of gets ingrained in you as a fighting game player, but you have to wait for the right time to uncork that bottle.
  12. http://pastebin.com/index/hYWSgCjv P,K,4K last hit whiff cancellable, reduced the recovery needed to resummon 6S/6H if Ramlethal blocks, and changed the float height on counter hit from silde detruo.
  13. No, but I'm sure you'll get a few of the standard Zato/Millia responses. I think 1.03 is a really great patch overall, but Jam and to a lesser extent Ramlethal should have been given more substantial buffs in my opinion.