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  1. Red Reaper

    [Xrd] King Ky - Q&A/FAQ Thread

    I was looking through the frame data in the wiki and saw that 6H is +15... is this accurate? Kuz that seems ridiculous, especially as a meaty.
  2. Red Reaper

    Streaming GGXX #Reload & Isuka Available on PC

    Yeah. Me too..
  3. Hey, I know they're temporarily klosed right now but do you by any chance go to Super Arcade(Rebel Up, etc.)?

    1. someonewhodied
    2. Red Reaper

      Red Reaper

      Sweet.. I want to get into Blazblue and Guilty Gear (still haven't gotten it though). I've had BB for some time but I'm now starting to put time into it. I just kan't decide which to make my main game and which to make my side game as I want to play one of these games at next year's EVO and have no idea which it's going to be. GG will be newer but BB has a bigger kommunity from my understanding (though that kould just be because it's been so long since a GG has bee...

  4. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    Yeah. I thought about checking through the pages but figured the info would be buried. Thanx though. I figured it would be something subtle like a microdash.. Edit: Yeah. Still having problems. No idea what it is. I'll try to find a different kombo until I figure it out.
  5. Red Reaper

    Put yourself on the COMPETITION MAP!

    Not sure what you mean but if you kan find a way for us to have each other on a map that would be great.. I want to find people in my area.
  6. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    Does anyone have some good AA kombos off of 2C and 5A respectively? I have some but doubt they're optimal... These are the ones I have: 5A > 5C > j.Cx5 > 5C > 4D~D > j.BCC > j.Cx5 > Hiren /// 2810 Dmg 2C > 5C > 4D > Gasshou > j.Cx5 > 5C > j.Cx5 > 5C > j.Cxx5 Hiren /// 3845 Dmg Also, if someone kould help me out with this kombo that would be greatly appreciated: 5B > 5C > 3C > Houtenjin > Zaneiga > 6A > 5C > 6C > 5C > 2C > 4D~D > j.Cx5 > Hiren I feel like I am too far to land the 5C after the 6C.. So I'm guessing I'm missing a few dashes before or something..?
  7. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    This is really great stuff and has plenty of kombos for situations that I overlooked.. I'll definitely be using this for my kombos. It's nice to have everything in one place and just learn from the list rather than scavenging through the forums for kombos that may or may not work well. Thanx. I really appreciate this and it should really be in the OP.
  8. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    I input the 214D when the character's body leaves the screen (it goes stops once, then pops out of the screen). Some characters don't make that little stop back into the screen and for those I just imagine the stop. Then I short dash trying to make sure I don't dash past the opponent as they land.
  9. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    For this kombo are you doing 2 hits for the J.Gasshoukyaku or one? I'm having trouble landing the 66 5C.
  10. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    Didn't even know about this.. Guess I should've done all the challenges instead of stopping at 20 and labbing it up...
  11. Hey do you guys ever have kasuals anywhere? I want to start playing BBCP but don't want to start by spending money at tournaments just yet until I know match ups better.

    1. Jyosua


      If you really want to level up, just come out to Rebel Up. You don't have to enter a tournament, but you can play a ton of casuals with people all day. $5 venue fee.

    2. Red Reaper

      Red Reaper

      I just might do that.. When's the next Rebel Up? And what time do players usually get there?

  12. Red Reaper

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    I do it... For the swag. Don't know any optimal shit though... The reason people probably don't do it is because you have to do 5A if they are standing and 5B if they are krouching after the j.2D. So it adds another thing to look out for.
  13. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    Sounds nice.. I'mma try that tomorrow! Btw, how much damage does that do?
  14. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    Thanx. Someone who's helping me out gave me this kombo: 2B>5C>3C~236D>Dash 5C>6C>Dash 5C>2Csjc>jCx5(Delay Last)>5C>2Csjc>jCx5(Delay Last)>5C>2Csjc>jCx5~214B So jump C loops kinda sounds right. I've gotten better at it but I'm still grinding it out.
  15. Red Reaper

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    Kan someone help me out with korner kombos? I don't know what to do when I put them in the korner with 623D or if I just hit them in the korner. I usually just do a regular midscreen kombo. I sometimes do 2A>5B>3c~214D~66 B>66 A>5C(2)>2C>4D A>j.8D A>623D and then don't know what to do. Also, if someone kan help me out with a Super Snake Kick konversion kombo that would be awesome!