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  1. Definitely not intentional lol, I think I fixed it.
  2. Character Specific Combo Evernote
  3. Midscreen combo section updated. (Long overdue)
  4. April Fools! July 16th.
  5. There isn't any character that's not viable so long as you're willing to put the work in, some characters may have easier matchups but that doesn't make said matchups unwinnable. If you really want to play Bullet, then you should.
  6. If you're referring to the "Throw > 5B > 3C > 5D > 214B > 3C > 5D > 214B..." combo: make sure you're charging "214B", as the timing on Ragna is pretty lax.
  7. You don't need to make a sub forum, it's just that no one made Susanoo matchup threads in the Matchup Directory sub-forum.
  8. Es' Overdrive/Drive isn't really designed for pressure, the gaps and startup speed of her Drive moves make them impractical for use in pressure and as blockstrings in most cases. Her Overdrive is good for combos, for some examples refer to this video. As for her Install super, from what we've found right now it doesn't deal too much damage: or I guess you could say we haven't a found particularly damaging route. I made a video below of some common confirms. but ultimately it's up to you to figure out if you think it's worth spending the meter for it though.
  9. Crouch to avoid the command grab and punish the long recovery. I think someone wrote up a character specific google doc for her combos, try asking in the Es Discord.
  10. Can you give a few more details like screen position, or linking the video with a timestamp would help too.
  11. Guess this will be an informal video thread:
  12. It was to my understanding that you can do the first part of the loop once and then just end in either a j.D setup or knockdown with 214Cx2 for Bors.
  13. Some of her combos such as the 3C > 5D > 214 loop are highly character specific.
  14. BBCF Lambda-11 Combos by Iro Mono BBCF Lambda-11 Neta Combos BBCF Λ-No.11- Counter Hit Combos [9/10/16] Meister (LA) vs. Denpo (RG) [Gamechariot] [9/10/16] Meister (LA) vs. Town (HZ) [Gamechariot] [9/10/16] Meister (LA) vs. Watakkou (HK) [Gamechariot FT5 Part 1] [9/10/16] Meister (LA) vs. Watakkou (HK) [Gamechariot FT5 Part 2] [9/10/16] Rikutoe (IN) vs. Lambda [9/10/16] Iwashi (LA) vs. Nao (VA) [Shinjuku Sportsland VS Central Hachiouji] [9/11/16] Konan (TS) vs. Hyoubu (LA) [Taito Sendaiclis Toushinsai Area Final] [9/11/16] Hyoubu (LA) vs. Kyoyoru (CA) [Taito Sendaiclis Toushinsai Area Final] [9/11/16] Hyoubu (LA) vs. Jiru (AR) [Taito Sendaiclis Toushinsai Area Final] [9/11/16] Wara (TS) vs. Lambda [9/11/16] Izayoi vs. Lambda [Taito Sendaiclis Toushinsai Qualifier] [9/15/16] Lambda vs. Fenrich (JI) (Battle 2 [9/23/16] Hakumen vs. Iwashi (LA) [Shinjuku Sportsland Casuals + Ranbat] (Battle 2, Battle 3)
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