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  1. As long as its simple and easy to catch my eye it's no problem. Anything beyond that navigation table would just be cosmetic.
  2. Yeah that's great. I, and I think a lot of other people, just prefer the navigation being located at the top. Condensing the buttons and moving them up is also a great idea.
  3. The best thing about this is an effective way of adding videos. Can the navigation links in the top box just directly link to the subpages as well?
  4. The community has already splintered off into Facebook and Twitter. We want them to come back. I know lots of top players who don't post things here, and just keep things on Evernote via Twitter and use Ask.fm to answer people's questions instead. It'd be so much easier if all that information was consolidated in one area (here) and made more accessible. Information is scattered across different threads and the wiki. The video threads were already mentioned. Discussions need to be allowed to rock.
  5. People already use FB and Twitter because of what's been happening. News can be gathered from other outlets. The vision of Dustloop has always been about being a hub of information. This also includes people getting news from JP before everyone else. This is why I love Dustloop. There are News and Gameplay Discussion Threads, there should just be alternative General Discussions to let people shit post on. It's a video game community, about anime games. It's unavoidable. Why censor when you can just filter and separate?
  6. It's Reddit without being attached to Reddit's name basically.
  7. Except now you're relying on the collective hive-mind to not downvote or upvote all the wrong things. This is a bad idea.
  8. Can you split up duties as "General Moderator" and "Character Moderator"? This would also help direct people to the right people to communicate with if they have questions as well regarding a specific topic.
  9. There's no reason to have both, but the fat still needs to be trimmed.
  10. As for the moderators situation, we can add an extra role in the form of Janitorial duties. They would take the weight of menial labor the moderators have to do, such as deleting shit-posts or updating old threads with new information. They would not have the power to enforce the rules, they would not have the power to interfere in discussions, analysis, critiques, etc. beyond contributing their own ideas to the pool. This would help keep the threads clean as well prevent people from abusing powers. The more serious situations which would require infractions (and I mean MUCH more serious) can be passed onto a moderator to make a decision. It'll also help newbies know whom to speak to regarding information. Janitors can just lead them to the right person/people/thread if asked themselves. I'm not a bully. Nor am I angry. Just passionate. Don't take what am I saying personally; these are just things that need to be said.
  11. There's also a lack of consistency with the way information is organized. It's trivial, but it's lead to some confusion and lost newbies unaware of where to start. A universal page for notation and shorthand would be greatly beneficial I think. Some people tend to use their own notation and sometimes it leads to confusion and unnecessary questions that could easily have been avoided in the first place. For the shorthand, threads are managed differently and sometimes people are unable to find the information. Some put it on the combo thread, others put it on the general thread. Instead of having it in the threads, it could just be one, singular condensed page that people can just CTRL+F to find. It would also look a lot more organized too, as the threads themselves would have less clutter.
  12. Then instead of a mod hire janitors. Edit and delete posts ONLY.
  13. -Accessibility of information -Correctness of information (confirm sources for frame data please if you're doing this, I had to fix frame data for some characters on the wiki) -Let the community rock in discussions. This is actually super healthy, not as toxic as people make it seem. Invention is the mother of necessity. -Trim the fat. Why do we have so many moderators, most of whom are just keyboard monkeys? These should be pillars of the community; the best of the best. If a new player comes, they should know their information is reliable, optimal, and up to date.
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