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  1. Does anyone is having trouble downloading the lates Central fiction patch on PS3? and why is a 3.4GB patch?
  2. Aegis High

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    Can't see anything.
  3. If there’s going to be more DLC, it means there is going to be another revision like Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 3 or GGXrd Rev Slash? Arc System Works doesn’t leave added content as digital only.
  4. Again? The story mode is not in the disc, it has to be download?
  5. Aegis High

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    I'm looking for a big version of Relius Clover portrait with transparency (PNG), like the rest of the cast https://files.yande.re/image/15a9b1083dd4d37a55e869a1d3c54659/yande.re 247082 arc_system_works blazblue blazblue%3A_continuum_shift platinum_the_trinity tagme transparent_png.png I only can find small versions.
  6. Aegis High

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    What are those?
  7. Same problem here, PS3, problem started 2-3 days ago
  8. You're talking about Es or Mai?
  9. Info on Jam please? I think she can charge cards faster when she goes for a maximun level card
  10. Why the console version has the story trailer for the opening movie, instead of the arcade opening? Is it the same for the Japanese version?
  11. Are they going to add more chapters this way or this is just one time uptated?
  12. I do. I'm glad they gave the option to watch the story as a visual novel in GGXrd Sign, and not just as a movie.
  13. What's the point of fishing then, if you can unlock the DLC in gallery mode?
  14. What's the point of fishing then, if you can unlock the DLC in galery mode?
  15. Wait, Raven is also a DLC character?