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  1. Does anyone is having trouble downloading the lates Central fiction patch on PS3? and why is a 3.4GB patch?
  2. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Blade made a claim, I'm just asking for evidence. Doesn't matter if "the game/story is not done yet", if he said Baiken being 100 yeas old is a fact, that means there is already evidence for that. So far the evidence presentes is not enough for me, so i'm asking for more. Sorry if you don't like that.
  3. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I know about the Gaiden stuff, but still, the concept of retcone also applies to Guilty Gear. You said it yourself, that Ky and Dizzy's encounter in the Devil Forest presented in Dizzy's Episode Mode differs a little from what we previously knew. No, I didn't insist in leaving that out, (I didn't even say antyting about the conclave members, where this you get that?) I don't want this to be perceived as if I forced you to reach that conclusion. I asked whether the manga was canon or not, based on what you said, when you considered vague Baiken's background in Xtra, and I gave examples of "if - then" for both scenarios. And still, even with the "current evidence" I still don't see concrete proof that Baiken is 100. Then Baiken's flashback presented in Xtra has more wheight because is supported by other official sources, Is tha correct?
  4. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    No man, it applies to the fantasy genre, it’s called retcon. But you said it was a fact. You said “Baiken IS 100+ years old. That's not a claim, it's a fact”. That’s why all this debate began. That’s why I asked you When was that stated? Don’t you remember? Because you told me you didn’t know if the story of Xtra is canon or not. If you know that Xtra is not a credible source, Why are you using it as evidence? That’s my question.
  5. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    None of the official Baiken bios call her survivor. GGXX AC+ says she is of Japanese descent. GG World says she’s one of the few remaining Japanese people in the world. And the entry for Japanese says the word Japanese refers to people from the country of Japan, which was destroyed, and their descendants. I’m sure you know this, but in canon, when two sources contradict each other, the newer one is consider the correct one. Then, it’s incorrect to say that Baiken being 100 years old is a fact? Well, the one who wrote off Xtra was you, when you said you didn’t know if the story was canon or not. That’s why I asked, It is canon or not? It can’t be something in between. If it’s not canon then everything about the barrier, the zessen, and Japanese being completely isolated for 100 years should be dismiss. And if it’s canon, you have to acknowledge that the Gear attack, in which Baiken’s parents were killed, happened in the Colony.
  6. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    If you’re not sure if the story of Xtra is canon or not, then you can’t use it as a reference. All that stuff about the weak barrier, and the Japanese completely isolated for a 100 years should be dismiss then, because you don’t know which parts are canon or not. There are 4 sources that say Baiken’s parents were killed during the crusades, Baiken’s GGXX story mode bio, GGXtra, Baiken’s GGXXAC+ story mode bio and GGXrd REV2 GGWorld (this one confirms she was gravely injured in that incident). Even if you remove GGXtra as a source, because according to you it may or may not be canon, we still have three official sources that state the same. Then, does that confirm the incident did not happen when Japan was destroyed?
  7. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    You didn’t answer my question, Is it cannon or not? You can’t use the manga to explain some stuff but dismiss others. If the manga says Baiken lost her parents when she was young during the Crusades, losing her eye and arm in the process, and that matches other official sources, does that confirm the incident or not?
  8. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    So, Is the GGXtra manga a credible source, or not? Is it cannon od not? Because you have been using it a lot as a reference.
  9. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Yes, May is older than she looks, but that could just mean she has grown up since GGX, it’s just that she’s short and looks young, you know, like Japanese women tend to look. It’s a recurrent cliché in anime/manga, when the protagonist’s mother looks like his/her sister. So, the manga also confirms what all Baiken’s bios say, that her parents were killed during The Crusades and in that incident she lost her eye and arm, (the manga even show a young injured Baiken) Then it’s clear that incident didn’t happen when Japan was destroyed. If those sources say her parents were killed during the crusade, then the Gear attack happened on the Colony.
  10. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    Still no scanlation for the chapters?
  11. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Sorry it took me too long to reply. Then You’re saying that May’s Arena bio doesn’t mean that she was born in Japan, (we agree that May did not born in Japan before destruction, right?) just that she is of japanese descendant. Then that would be the same for Baiken. If so, the Arena Bio is not proof that Baiken is 100 year old. No, I’m not debating if May is Japanese or not, of course she is Japanese, the games and books say so. But that doesn’t mean she was born in Japan a hundred year ago, just that she is of Japanese descendant. Ok that alone is not proof enough, it just implies that she is an adult woman (that’s why Anji call here Ane-san). In Robok-Kys case he’s looking for a wife and although Baiken is outside his preferences in age, she’s still a very attractive woman. Once again, you’re talking about power, we know that Japanese people have a hidden power, that’s a fact. But where it says that power grant them longevity?
  12. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    If May was found by Johnny as a little girl, like many sources say, then obviously she couldn’t have been born in Japan before the Crusades. So, why her Arena bio says Japan? Could it be refereeing to something else, could it be the same for Baiken since her GG World Bio and Arena bio don’t match? I don’t think over the top in game moves should be used as evidence for this, I mean, we have Potemkin burying his opponents in the ground and sending them to the other side of the planet. Where’s this I-No comment on Baiken’s age exactly from? I scanned through Baiken/I-No AC+ story mode and couldn’t find it.
  13. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    In REV2 GG World, all GGX characters bios retain their same origins listed in the GGX manual, except Baiken. Why it wasn’t left as “Japan before the destruction”, why was it changed to Colony? Baiken’s Arena bio says Japan, but so does May’s. So May is also a hundred? I thought her story was she was found as a little girl in a battle field by Johnny. What is it then? Sorry but just by definition “During” it’s not the same as “Beginning”. The GG timeline lists the destruction of Japan, the beginning of the Crusades and the formation of the first Sacred Order or Holly Knights happening in 2074. Those are three separated events. "As for the Japanese, no, they're "not quite" Gears, but they ARE sick because of the DNA taken from Justice. So far the biggest indicators are May and Mizuha with their Gear-like powers." That's what I’m saying. They're not Gears. They have a mutation in their DNA, they got sick when there is an information Flare around, then they become Gears.
  14. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    That’s odd, because all other characters have their places of birth listed in their bios. Like Ky’s is France not Illyria, the place he’s currently living in. Why is different for Baiken? Yes, I know the disease was being kept in secret, it was stated very clear in the games. My point is, Japanese are not Gears, they become Gears after the disease kicks in, not before. Saying that Japanese have been Gears from the beginning would contradict a lot of stuff. You said “Baiken's recollection says she watched her family "burn" before her eyes, this jives with Gamma Ray being fired in 2074, and Baiken was a child at the time”. Then why all of Baiken bios say her family was killed during the crusades? Still no concrete evidence that Baiken is 100+
  15. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Sorry, double post.