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  1. One of those lurker people posting. Regarding the amount of Mods... It seems to be agreed on that we don't need as many Mods as we have. I think the issue stems from the fact that we're linking moderator duties with someone who is knowledgeable about a character. I would say, scrap character Mods. Instead, create a new position; a volunteer user that knows their character and is willing to be a prominent figure on said character forum. They would be the go-to person for new users, and would serve a Mods (current) purpose of guiding their characters forums. The best part about these "Guides" is that you can have more than one without making the staff look bloated since they fall more in line with what a community volunteer would be. But what about pruning threads and other such things? For this, we'll need a dedicated Mod team. Each game can have a small handful of (active) Mods that can handle the issues in their respective game's forums. Of course, we'll still have our few Super Moderators etc. Aside from trimming the staff this separation of duty helps to create a clear line. As had already been discussed...sometimes Mods do need to put their foot down. Problem is, for some people, it can be an issue that the person that needs to be stern and say "No" also is the one that is expected to teach others (not to mention, being a mod can make one jaded, but that is a different discussion). I speak from some bit of experience here, hard ass Mods are just seen as hard ass Mods. The problem is...when you put Mods in this light that shows them as one of the pillars of the community, but that pillar needs to do certain things that some users don't like...it gets dicey. Let select users be the pillars and the ones that help others, and let the Mods handle their own duties. I see no reason why they should be the same thing. See, there is one HUGE flaw about all this. This suggestion won't mean crap if we can't get active and dedicated volunteers to be these "guides" that the new user needs, and it won't mean anything if these Mods watching over their game's forums aren't active. Since these guides, depending on how such a thing would be handled, In the end, the site will flourish only as much as the users (and staff) want it to, but I think that this sort of change may help it take a step towards new users and people on the outside seeing Dustloop as less oppressive. (I mean, seeing a site with as many mods as this may give someone some strange first impressions.) So uh...yeah, just a thought. I'd love to see this site flourish and be a place not only to learn, but to be a community of like minded that wish to help each other and to see one another grow.
  2. As far as I know, PS4 sticks work with PS4/PS3 but PS3 only work with PS4 I'd be very happy to be proven wrong though.
  3. OmegaDivider

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    ggs to all in Mixedmethod's and BaconZero's rooms tonight! (Today?) N' Thanks heavy, every bit of experience helps.
  4. Well...if you play the game and enjoy it you would like it to flourish, no? I never saw the point in just thrashing a game that doesn't exactly deserve it. Makes things look worse than they are, makes the community look foolish too But, this is coming from the MMO player in me. If I was debating on playing one, first thing I did was go and gauge the doom n' gloom on the forums. Too much? I wasn't going to bother. I'll go out on a limb and say there are a decent amount of people that do the same. Butttt, I'd ask if anyone has noticed an increase in people online since I'd bet that at least someone got Xrd for Christmas but...PSN, so yeah.
  5. Not to mention, bad for the population of the game too. If someone were to browse through some forums and look at things to see if they should get the game...Some vocal individuals can easily sway people to just not buy the game.
  6. OmegaDivider

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    Won my first (ranked) online match (great start!) GG to my opponent!
  7. That could be the case. He isn't normally West Coast and is using some ehh wifi for the time being. I am using a wired connection with "nice" internet. So perhaps Xrd does pick whoever has the better connection to host, instead of giving it to whoever created the room.
  8. I have, but it was the opposite. He was host, getting 9-12f delay and I was getting 2-3. We were also coast to coast
  9. Aww, oh well. Thanks for the info
  10. If the colors are up/being put up, how does one get the PS+ colors? Dying to get them (after I get PS+)
  11. Really? :x Hasn't happened to me (yet) Everything has gone smooth with it so far.
  12. Well, with all this delay talk... I played with the same friend, around the same time the last two nights. First night, we both had 4-6f delay. Next night he had 9f and I had 2f. He's west coast and I'm east, both on ps3s etc. I'll see what happens when we next play
  13. I believe its For the US Version, she is free from Dec 18-Jan 5th. If you don't download her in that time frame, you need to cough up $8 to have her after that.
  14. OmegaDivider

    [P4AU] Junpei Iori - Gameplay Discussion

    The thing is though, I air turned (I wasn't Junpei) and the persona came out behind Junpei, as if I was on that side. Meaning, the opponent can change where your Persona lands with that special by air turning, giving them a safer advance if they are paying attention.
  15. OmegaDivider

    [P4AU] Junpei Iori - Gameplay Discussion

    Found something strange out Was playing with my buddies and... 214C/D auto corrects if the opponent air turns before the persona comes out I airturned away from my friend (junpei) and he flew out behind junpei. Word of warning lol