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  1. Well technically, the dub hasn't been there "since the beginning" since it's something added for the English release, for English speaking players. A lot of fighting games don't even have dubs, or have on and off dubs, so it's not like we're entitled to a dub. Sure, we've had dubs all this time, but it's not like ASW has had a great track record regarding the English releases since CSEX, and the recent GG release didn't have one either. Frankly, as someone who almost always plays with JP voices, I would say that I am more concerned about the quality of the translation or the presence of the Library than whether or not the English release is given a dub. When BBCP came out and did not have the Library, which legitimately is something that was supposed to be there and imo was way worse than not including the dub because they didn't even bother to announce that it was cut out, I certainly didn't see as much vehement and righteous complaining about its absence than I'm seeing from some people, who are basically spamming Aksys' twitter and saying they should all be fired for something that they clearly didn't have control over. DLC for the dub, while sounding good on paper, probably wouldn't be able to even pay even for the cost of the dub itself simply because not that many people would be willing to pay for it. If you really can't stand the game without the dub, then all you can do is buy it used or import. Or just don't play at all.
  2. When I was at Aksys' booth during AX, they said that they were planning to release during November, and December at the latest.