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  1. I noticed this seems to be the case as well. I agree that it is totally fair for people to complain, but it was kind of a bummer when the game finally came out and the News and Gameplay threads was chiefly talk about the netcode and such. I was hoping to see some interesting discoveries or more general talk of 'this game is fantastic'.
  2. The DMK

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    It's all good. When someone suggests you enjoy using flow-chart autopilot characters it is hard not to take it as an insult. I guess now I can't challenge you to that $25000 money match to defend my honor. For some reason I never got a chance to play / much despite the fact that I owned it, but I remember that out of all the changes it was really the stun edges that shot Ky up the tiers. Outside of that he wasn't massively better. Anyone remember Ogawa playing #R Eddie vs Buppa's / Ky? Good times. What I was getting at though is that Ky is simply overall a better character, which is much more fun. BoJ: Those combos you linked to remind me of what folks are currently doing with Sol's dust loop. Modifying the ol' dust loop/VT loop and getting much cooler stuff (it is only natural given this is a new game). Glad to watch this all develop.
  3. The DMK

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    That is a pretty presumptuous statement. I'm referring to the fact that, as with many other characters, it can be a frustrating experience to outplay someone and end up losing partially because of mediocre damage. I play a lot of matches against Slayer so I'm always facing a rather pronounced difference in damage. I'm just saying that I enjoy the fact that he has, as you said, better damage and increased screen control. The seal mechanic wasn't the sort of thing I would of immediately expected them to give Ky, but it was a pleasant surprise. Adds a nice layer to his game.
  4. The DMK

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    That video was some good stuff. It is exciting to see Ky as a strong character because of interesting stuff instead of SE x n (like /). I enjoy no longer feeling like Ky has to work his ass off for every win.
  5. The DMK

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks for the response. I could do with better recovery over a faster speed. The cross up was nice, but it seemed more like an occasional gimmick than anything else.
  6. The DMK

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    This is all great info. Thanks guys. This sounds solid. To Hintalove and qwerty: Does GS seem any faster to you? In the vids it seems like it is, but I don't know if that is my eyes deceiving me. On that note, does it have better recovery?
  7. The DMK

    Ky: Aiming for the max best man combo.

    Was going through this thread the other day and decided to compile the posts by fs that had the combo variations for specific characters. Might've missed some. Not sure if this post would be considered obnoxiously long. If a mod or fs wants to edit it into his first post here it is:
  8. Trying to set this up now and find my PC Pad. When it is all good I'm down to play some matches with somebody.
  9. The DMK

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    It depends on how many posts you have set for page. It's 57 on mine too.
  10. I don't think there actually is a Story Mode Fan Boy. I think it's Arcade Mode you're referring to hence the lack of scenes. It is indeed "teh suxorz".
  11. The DMK

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol Combo Thread

    Question: When say you land a basic ground string, or well, anything that can combo into level 3 RI or BRP, which would be preferable? The combo opportunities off both are pretty similar, and from what I recall one seems to do slightly more damage. Are there perhaps some PHAT COMBOZ I don't know about or something off one that aren't off the other for whatever reason? Any help will be appreciated :D.
  12. All us US, Europe and Canada peeps are on Delay 4 right? Does anyone in America use Delay 2?
  13. It's in the folder for GG. It's called config and I think the icon is Ky. There are 3 tabs when you open it up I think on the top. The one on the left (the one you start on) is display options and crap, the one in the middle is keyboard controls, and after that is gamepad/joystick controls. Figure out what is what, by testing out the keyboard controls in the game and comparing that with the things on the config menu. I know the first four are up down left and right, and the next ones are the PS2 face buttons, but I unno what order. R1 is dust and all obviously.
  14. GGs to all. Sorry for it dropping out like that zazz and anyone I played. Apparently whenever iTunes switches songs it kicks me out after a small freeze-up. Spicy J was you Spirit Juice I take it? GGs ;o. GTX whoever you are on the forums, sick Eddie. My speakers power cable got loosened right at the beginning though so I wasn't in the groove without the music, and with me trying to fix it in between haha ;(. You woulda won regardless. Who is the dark blue and black Ky with the blonde hair who keeps changing his name? GGs!
  15. GGs Sytha, Kumiho and everyone else I played. Sorry for I guess uh being a scrub or something by implying you dropped. I didn't even know desyncs existed if thats what happened (been playing online 2 days, and never experienced it before). For the record, I wouldn't have said ggs in my last post if I didn't think you left without good reason. Fierce Eddie. Have to stop random stun edges. And it is still weird as hell someone else has the same handle as me.
  16. Oh, and I forgot: TheDMK|TheDMK|Port Jefferson Station, NY|Delay 4
  17. Yah that was good stuff :o. I didn't know you were NY either hah. GGs to you and everyone else I played. Your Johnny is pretty good, you should try throwing in some overheads into your mix-up (does Johnny have any other then dust?), and I have a feeling if you weren't playing me you could get punished for the random air DTs ;o. GGs to the other Kumiho, but he left after I won a round ;(.
  18. To whomever Lan is, good Jam. Sorry I dropped on you right went it was at it's peak. I had to go on a college tour and my parents were nagging me. Could've gone either way man! First time I ever faced a good Jam!
  19. Kayin we gotta get some matches in ;O. I'm in Port Jefferson Station and you're in Central Islip (well I don't know where you are NOW) so our connection will probably be perfect.
  20. Ohh, I played you! You were the May! I was the Ky with the custom color. Crazy lag, but ggs none the less. To all I played today ggs. If you played me and I was playing Slayer though, that was CJay not me. THAT MEANS YOU SPIRIT JUICE! I'M CALLING YOU OUT EVO VEGAS $10000 MONEY MATCH HYPE HYPE HYPE!!! Oh, and SJ your RK is very pretty. Edit: Same time post lololol.
  21. There is a 1.08? lolz. Thank ya sir.
  22. Is everybody still using Delay 4? I'm using version 1.07, but I get Ver. Error with everyone else. Are they out of date?
  23. So apparently there is a guy called Kumiho going around? That used to be XBL gamertag, and it's my SRK name, but it ain't me. I heard he's a dropper too : (.
  24. Holy crap, alot more people (specifically people I recognize from the forums) then I imagined are getting into this. I'ma have to get a hold of this stuff.
  25. The DMK

    Combo Movie Soundtracks

    Anyone know the song in Dr Koo's fifth video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvpd7HITCXE First one that is. Second one is Land of Immortals by Rhapsody of course ;o.