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  1. NeoJET

    New Guilty Gear coming 2020

    One thing I noticed is that Sol's weapon are not Junkyard dog Mk.III anymore, it become Outrage Mk.II now. It seems that Sol redesigned Outrage though. Things(Story) might change a lot in new GG, like Sol needs Outrage Mk.II to control his power because the erosion of Dragon Install got worse. Also means that Sol might have new D.I design? Millia might become the leader of Assassins, according what she said in rev2. Venom is a baker we already knew. Jack-O is Aria now, so Sol won't let her join the battle. Asuka surrendered to America in rev2 change the international situation, Raven has his own thing to finish, and Ino apparently has a new plan. etc God I wanna play new GG so much.
  2. NeoJET

    New Guilty Gear coming 2020

    https://twitter.com/ARCSY_Event/status/1159066290192994305 It seems that new guilty gear demo would be playable at ARCREVO America 2019. What a GOOD news.
  3. Best news I got so far, Baiken's JD loop confirmed! Azami succeed > D (Yashagatana) = projectile, can be YRCed. Suzuran (63214K) > Counter Attacks(Same as Azami) confirmed. Gabari (41236SorHS) : S is Anti-air, HS is ground. Himawari(P bottom) is throw. 6HS and 2HS motion changed. Can't jc 6HS.
  4. Arcsys is gonna release the patch note tomorrow on the official website.
  5. Actually according to the scan and the article, it should be " Succesful usage of azami while blockstun requires quite strict timing. "
  6. So according this translate, Baiken's GC has removed, instead she got a new blocking movement: Azami, Azami can be used while blocking or in the air. According to the preview picture, when you successfully blocking with Azami, it might automatically do different counter attack depends on what bottom we input or depends on Baiken is on the ground or in the air. Don't know which one is right. Anyway the fun part is that we are going to use a blocking move while we are blocking, thing is gonna like I blocked first hit then I use Azami to block the second hit, so the opponent and I have to bet, we have mind game to play.
  7. Famitsu Hoping someone would scan this. Famitsu Twitter We can see more detail of the Rev2 interview, New blocking move confirmed(see down stair). Kuni Twitter He recognized more stuff, it seems that it's not GC anymore, it'll be a movement that blocks attacks then counters.
  8. Well, from this Arcsys twitter, it said that Arcade comes in Spring, and both console & PC version come after that. Correct me if I misunderstand. Also in this 4gamer report, it seems that Daisuke said Arcade version will release when sakura blossom.
  9. NeoJET

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Is it possible that the new 2hits normal is not 6p or 5HS we guessed before, it's actually Jam's new 2HS. The reason why I said this is that after watching the reveal video again and again, and try to pause it as fast as possible, I found that in the beginning of the new normal, Jam is actually crouching. That makes me think maybe it's new 2HS. I don't have a pc right now, so I can't use tools to watch the video frame by frame, or I'll be more sure if it's new 2HS or not. If you guys wanna give it a try, just using 4k downloader or something else to download the video from youtube, and watch it by mpc-hc or something else with frame by frame mode (when using mpc-hc, pause the video at the time you want, and press ctrl + → → →... and so on), you'll find more details of the video, that helps me a lot before.
  10. All I want to know is the vote list, through the list, maybe we can know characters are already planed to be added in revelator console version, like maybe Raven is not in the list?
  11. NeoJET

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    It's good to see that Arcsys keep Jam's old stance still.
  12. Thanks to Cleverfoxsol, he's streaming the nico live on twitch now! I'm going to be hype!
  13. NeoJET

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    You're right, Amadeous. I shouldn't say it's JKD-like, I should say it's Bruce Lee's movie style.lol About the new motions, they really look like traditional wushu style. Indeed Jam's fighting style is self-taught , a self-taught "Chinese kung-fu", so l don't think it would be odd because it become more traditional than before. Ahh, I really want to watch the pre-release stream, but the browser I'm using just doesn't support flash. I wanna see more Jam! I assume that Jam will mainly use palms in revelator, less or no more fists attack.
  14. NeoJET

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Amadeous, the reason why I disagree your assuming is that when I watched the reveal video, I felt that Arcsys is trying to change Jam's style into more traditional kung-fu style, not old JKD-like style anymore, that's why they changed the motion of senri shinshou and 6p (maybe), I think Arcsys will keep old 5HS and AC 6HS because of that, and I guess S series will also be changed because they are JKD-like, too. Well, I hope we'll get more news of Jam today.
  15. NeoJET

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    That new movement is definitely not 5H, 5H is 3 palms up to down and Jam will turn to bokuho, but the new movement is a 2-hits down to up attack by using palm or sleeve, quite not the same.