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  1. I find it funny that Relius is the only villain to get away with everything in the end of CF while Terumi and Izanami are dead,Hazama ended up in Naoto's world,and Azrael gets reimprisoned he succeeds in corrupting Carl while Relius goes into the boundary.
  2. I am curious to what happened to Es though susano stated that she was made by the azure somehow and in the end she disappears wonder happened to her?
  3. So yeah in think a time skip would be needed for Jin and tsubaki's kid to appear I would say 20 years although most of the past characters would age obviously.
  4. Oh that's pretty convenient.
  5. Oh that's pretty convenient.
  6. Dude chill Mori did state the promise future updates like rev 2. You need to be more patient
  7. It will still be called Blazblue don't worry. The returning playable characters such as Rachel,Carl,and Relius.Amane and Azrael could show up I guess. it would takes place in 20 years but some returning characters won't be playable like Jin because he can't fight anymore. New characters would include Jin and Tsubaki's kid and alpha-1. The only returning characters to me would be Ragna,Rachel,Carl,Hazama,Relius,Izayoi/Tsubaki with hakumen's fightning style,Azrael,Amane,es,Mai,and naoto.
  8. It is from zedar's tumblr but you can ask him yourself Although I have a hard time finding it on his blog page. . If that dosen't work try this make sure to translate it.
  9. To be fair mori did wanted to show Jin and tsubaki together it's just that it was cut because he thought that would be redundant.
  10. Well Carl has gone off the deep end So I guess he'll be more neutral now.
  11. Yeah but now he is becoming a villain instead.
  12. Apparently Es was created by the Azure. She didn't have her weapon prior to the events of Lost Memories.
  13. Well in a past interview mori seems to implie that Hazama,relius,es,and naoto would be returning in sequels like traveling to other worlds would be fun. I think the kid should be girl and be based on ruby rose from Rwby and frisk from undertale because we need a female protagonist and also because to constract ragna.
  14. Actually Ragna did used Soul Eater on the origin when part of her soul was inside the master unit. He did state he was gonna devour her dream after all remember? Also the after credits scene imply he is still alive and got his sword back. Specifically He wanted to devour all of the entitled's desires including the Origin's so he gave his word.He then devoured all their dreams and made everyone forget about him.