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  1. Well in a past inter mori seems to implie that Hazama,relius,es,and naoto would be returning in sequels like traveling to other worlds would be fun. I think the kid should be girl and be based on ruby rose from Rwby and frisk from undertale because we need a female protagonist and also because to constract ragna.
  2. Actually Ragna did used Soul Eater on the origin when part of her soul was inside the master unit. He did state he was gonna devour her dream after all remember? Also the after credits scene imply he is still alive and got his sword back. Specifically He wanted to devour all of the entitled's desires including the Origin's so he gave his word.He then devoured all their dreams and made everyone forget about him.
  3. Wow fuzzy being a vampire was not really surprising and what's really suprising is that Kajun is fighting with chemicals.
  4. Well dang Mori it's nice you letting us see this artwork.
  5. Probably both.
  6. Cool now finally people will rejoice.
  7. Well that's net so any updates on guilty gear?
  8. So will there be a follow up for guilty gear xrd maybe as a conclusion to sol's saga? Because it's going that route
  9. There was no sugita in this episode for some reason.
  10. The petition for the dub of cf is closing and it's only got 6000 supporters it's a sad update but nothing can be done about it.
  11. First of all I am not a pig and second I don't sound like that. Also yeah Susanoo was loyal to amateratsu but eventually got sick and tired there's that but I am unsure how the master unit had it's own will or not before the origin came along.
  12. You need to be more active just because cf is out dosen't mean you have to leave dustloop. Also stop saying that BlazBlue is over it's just going on break just Guilty Gear did.

  13. Yeah I did I legitmitly played the game I had to play around 5.00 pm and my little bro also plays the game.
  14. Well ragna relieved the fatal blow terumi getting black onslaught is still being killed by ragna he devoured terumi's souls end it was pretty clear he was still dying ragna pretty much delivered the final blow.
  15. Yeah like ragna getting an alternative form.Oh wait he didn't.