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  1. Well their story arcs are over more or less and new disagree will come eventually plus Rachel,Carl,and relius story arcs are not done along with Azrael plus someone took ragna's sword.
  2. Well what ment is that mei has blood Cain as her drive while ragna's overdrive is called blood kain. Plus are we sure that Naoto and Raquel return to their world? I mean it dosen't look like something from their timeline.
  3. Jeez People calm down let's not jump to conclusions.
  4. well finally the steam is out
  5. If the 5th prime field device is based on saya Terumi then that would make Ragna,Jin/Hakumen,Noel/Saya/Izanami,Lambda,mu,and Nu be the descendants of Mei and distant relatives of Tenjou and Homura. It would explain alot since Mei and her ancestor were the priestess of the azure plus Ragna and Mei have the same foul mouth attitude.
  6. The latest variable heart chapter is out and apparently Bell is a LunaSena model. Also Rachel,Jubei,and Valk appears alongside Meifang. Here is the link
  7. Here is the villains trailers along with the shattered alliances part 4 trailers
  8. So when does evo end?
  9. Looks like Hazama isn't the only one with a giant snake summon.
  10. Since Mai's spear now has immortal breaker that kinda ruins tsubaki and izayoi's uniqness and to add salt to the would Mai actually uses it kill something unlike tsubaki.
  11. Well the noxs were based on the lagacy weapons who knew?
  12. Nu is more or less done she dosen't remember ragna anymore so why would she bother? Also Alpha is the first murakumo unit a special type of murakumo I think nu will be under the care of Noel and lambda. She didn't take ragna's sword how will she if she cant remember ragna?
  13. I find it weird that Hakashin doesn't have a character on the cover.
  14. I am still bumbed by the fact that ragna and terumi/susanoo don't get a vs theme.
  15. I find it funny that Relius is the only villain to get away with everything in the end of CF while Terumi and Izanami are dead,Hazama ended up in Naoto's world,and Azrael gets reimprisoned he succeeds in corrupting Carl while Relius goes into the boundary.