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    [CPEX] Carl Clover Video Thread

    sooooo, I dont play carl, but I was messing up w him, and noticed, you can actually stay in the air a long time just doing j2C, maybe it serves as a weird mixup tool on the corner, just keeping the player blocking high, and hitting low w nirvana. if you use j2C>jA(Whiff)>j2C you can use as j2C's as the jump it self lets you xD I dont know if you already knew that, im pretty sure you guys do, but i havent seen anyone use it rlly. *** just noticed j2C isnt an OH :V
  2. So i found a fun and high dmg combo for midscreen that works with a w5B starter, but gets like 200~ish more dmg with a w5C starter w[5C > 236A > delayed 5C > 236B > 1D > 5D] > 2C > 6B > 2C > jD > w[jA > jC > 236A > 236B > 236C > 3D > 5D ]> jC > 632146D 4900~ish dmg or if you dont have meter w[5C > 236A > delayed 5C > 236B > 1D > 5D] > 2C > 6B > 2C > jD > w[jA > jC > 236A > 236B > 236C > 214A > 214B] for about 4000 dmg
  3. Nice, i will try it out, lately Valk's threads are dead ;(. Been trying silly stuff and trying to optimize some combos, seems what we lost that i miss a lot is our corner carry. heres a weird/fun combo i came up with and does pretty good dmg midscreen without too much wolf meter, and a pretty solid confirm. w[5C>236A>delay>5C>236B>1C>5D]>2C>6B>2C>j5D>w[jA>jC>236B>214A] (3600~dmg) reminds me of the old combos from BBCP1.1 also ive been having a hard time since i just switched from Controller to Hitbox :v