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  1. felirx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    If you're getting thrown from a proper safe jump, you could also be too late with confirming "he did not DP".
  2. felirx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    In addition to those mentioned, you should think why you're using Fortissimo on Oki. Opponent is mashing throw? VCL YRC will give about the same damage for only 25 meter in the corner. You just want advantage? Note YRC should do the job fine for 25 meter again. You have a read on Blitz? Fortissimo will murder it. You're going for an ambiguous crossover / IAD crossover? etc.
  3. felirx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    I do Superjump j.p with 19 input always like TheRealBobMan. No chance of any accidental dives. Choysauce listed all the variations to the sj.P>j.S>j.H>S Dive ender for midscreen IAD combos. Depending on character, you either need a normal IAD link, or a superjump IAD link for it to work, and you can't have too many hits before. For some characters, you need regular j.P and stuff like that.
  4. The only way to learn instant blocking is to just do it. You have 8 frames after every neutral > block where you're in IB status. So, an easy example is Ky's CSE or 6H. To get started with, block the first hit normally, and then just tap 5>4 or 5>1 in a rhythm. You should be able to easily IB the 2 follow up hits. This works for all the multihit projectiles because of the autoguard status in the game. Multihit IBing can almost just be mashed out, it's that easy. Now, the harder thing with IB is to IB single hits. For example, you can record Leo doing 5H>236H. This is a string that can be blow up with IB. If you IB 5H, you can throw/OS throw 236H. To help you practice it, you can record something like 5K>c.S>5H>236H. This way, you know that 5H is coming, and you can be prepared to IB it. Once Leo hits you with c.S, you release block and just go back to 1 or 4 withing 8 frames of 5H active frames. There really is nothing else to it. It's just all about doing it properly. You don't even necessarily have to go to Lab to practice it, you can just learn it while playing. You will fail many blocks and take unnecessary damage, but eventually you should start to click with the timing.
  5. felirx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    I quite dislike situations where you went j.K>j.S or j.S>j.K and the first overhead was blocked. You then went for a low mixup. Now the second overhead hits, but you're at a range where 2K>2S>2D does not work, 2K>2S>2H does not work and the opponent is crouching because he got hit by the second overhead and not the low so HCL doesn't work either.
  6. felirx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    I've been compiling something like a Primer based on Japanese match footage, mostly for myself to figure out what works and what doesn't. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s260/sh/20ce5932-6c2a-4be6-973e-8489af33e57b/e42f4ea873e6a9aeaed1e9581be86fa7 It's maybe 10% complete and I don't know if it's worth the effort to keep on going with it.
  7. felirx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Remember that if you're on the offense and you are planning on doing empty jump or a tick normal to throw, you can always go for a FFVCL / VCL YRC to get a free counterhit instead if you know your opponent likes to smash throw. You can also mask your empty jump throw attempt with a descending wiffed j.H. This way they see the j.H startup and they will very likely try to block it. Empty jump throw always depends on conditioning your opponent to block. I-no has all the tools to do this.