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  1. Stryker115

    BB5 Prediction and Discussion

    BB5 is gonna be a mobile game not console.
  2. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    The world was already destroyed by the OG Black Beast Ragna. All she does is keep remaking it in hopes that there could be an end where she gets reunited with her dearest Nii-sama. It's literally the story that Rachel spoke of in CP. Wait... which Saya are you talking about? Noel!Saya or Origin!Saya? If it's Origin then he didn't devour her dream. He just fulfilled it by staying with her. And before you ask any further, no he isn't inside the Amaterasu unit. He's just floating alongside it in the Boundary.
  3. Stryker115

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    The most Based God in all of Dustloop.
  4. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    Terumi did nothing during the Age of Origin. In fact he had nothing to do with it at all. He was still just the Susanooh Unit back then without any will of its own. It was only after the world got destroyed and was remade several times that Terumi "woke up". He said it himself that he only gained a will after several cycles of timeloops happened. Hakumen is just Jin's soul put into the suit by order of Rachel back during Phase Shift. It was empty and since Jin was dying at the time from when he fell through the cauldron, Loli(er) Rachel had his Soul be put inside the Susanoo Unit to help with the Dark War.
  5. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Wow. Your grammar sucks even more than I remembered it. Ragna didn't deliver any fatal blow to Nine. Izanami was the one who dealt it. She sacrificed her remaining life to buy Ragna and the others time by stopping Izanami's time for a week or so. Did you even play the game?
  6. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    I don't but seeing you this much butthurt over it is priceless. The fact that all your opinions are objectively wrong is just icing to my cake.
  7. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    >He thinks there can only be one instance per universe Ahahaha oh wow. Your ignorance is astounding. If you think Ragna and Sech's similarity is only skin deep, you need to go back to elementary school. Those two are more alike than Touya could ever hope to be. You should go read/watch Sech's side story in Lost Memories more. He was a caring older brother much like Ragna was before a "certain incident" happened and changed his views about the world.
  8. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    1) Saya (or in this case The Origin) is from the Original World. 2) Ragna isn't just The Origin's dream He is also a universal constant, similar to the power of order. in that every universe has a version of him in some way or form. Touya and Sechs in XBlaze, Naoto in BE. Asuka R, Kreuz in Guilty Gear
  9. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    The whole history of XBlaze is weird because it's a distorted version of the Original World. Kinda like a remake of a Prequel. Then that remake gets its own sequel and so its own continuity that's completely different from the very continuity it originated from. tl;dr XBlaze is not BlazBlue's past. Similar but not equal to how BB!Relius Clover's Naoto that he knows is not Bloodedge Experience Naoto. You seem to lack insight. You need more eyes in your brain. Have you prayed to Kos (or some say Kosm) lately? If not, you should.
  10. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Ragna didn't kill anyone. Nine sacrificed herself to buy others time, which is kinda like her payback from when Ragna sacrificed himself to buy Nine and the World some time in Phase 0. He only ate Terumi. You don't kill food. You eat it. He even used Black Onslaught to cook it a little. He could've used a bit more spices though, but I guess adding too much might ruin the natural flavor.
  11. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    No1 No3 and No4 are all just the same Black Beast. Humanity didn't create multiple mini Black Beasts. They made multiple Izayois and based on Izayoi they made the MOTHER OF ALL PHENOMENA WEAPONS a.k.a. The OG Black Beast using an Ancient Ragna as the core. XBlaze is kinda weird because it's an altered past created from the ending of BBCF due to Ragna returning all possibilities back to the world.
  12. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Story Discussion

    I'm surprised they didn't do a gag where Ragna is freaking out(either internally or externally) because he's talking to a literal ghost. In fact he didn't even freak out when talking to Trinity.
  13. Stryker115

    Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Did we even get to see a scene of Ragna talking to Tenjou in the Lynchpin or was that all offscreen? I wanna know if Ragna called her Oba-chan.
  14. Stryker115

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    -Why is this a double post?-