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  1. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Gotta respectfully disagree with you there, HGhaleon. Erik Davies and Spike Spencer were both great, but I've come to prefer Doug Erholtz's rendition of the character, as well as Terumi. Though I'm admittedly a bit biased, since he already won me over as Vega in the Street Fighter games before I picked up CS1. For what it's worth, Christina Vee (Noel and Nu) Liked Patrick's Tweet about returning as Raggy for Tag Battle and Jamieson Price (Iron Tager) also Liked a Tweet from a fan asking if he'd be coming back to scream about "His Defenses!" again, so save for Alexis Tipton potentially taking over as Platinum and Ashley Burch stepping into Rise's shoes if we get her, I'd say we can expect all of the usual suspects for BB, Persona and RWBY in Cross Tag Battle, which is FANTASTIC as far as I'm concerned!
  2. UNIst Tier List

    Do we have any idea how Enkidu and Erika are faring at the moment, despite their console-exclusivity?
  3. [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    WOW, these Dizzy buffs! She's gonna be AWESOME if she gets to keep all of this! Surprised all Ram got was the new moves. Hopefully they're good. They sound like they'll be "Sword Rekkas" of sorts? I'll miss Jump-Cancelable 6P, but Raven seems fine, if not a bit better, thanks to the Super improvements. I-No changes are GREAT, and Elphelt changes sound pretty reasonable. I am a bit concerned about that Health nerf though. (Going to assume she's just been bumped down to Ky/Venom Tier?) but being able to Special Cancel ALL the 5Hs sounds REALLY FUN! I doubt she's dead by any means, but considering she's been nothing but nerfed since she dropped, I can respect people being disappointed, even if she WAS insane when she was first released. All in all this looks really interesting, and at the risk of upsetting a few people, I'm enjoying collecting all of these delicious Millia tears in my bucket right now! Hasn't she been S Tier in literally EVERY Guilty Gear since GGX?
  4. [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    While I'm not really sure why Corey put up a CPEX Combo Video, since it's an outdated game, but I made a post about the recent Christmas Festa Tournament Tokyo Button Mashers held over Christmas. I'd initially thought we'd missed a balance update or something, since the Console characters are in the Arcades now, and those things historically have gone hand-in-hand, but I suppose they're waiting on that for some reason? When we get that, or if there's news at this event in 11 days, I'm sure Woocash or I will get on it. We've made an effort to get a bit more ASW stuff on our site, but there's not much going on right now, compared to SFV or KI that are continuously getting patches and characters added.
  5. [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Because some of us buy English versions of games and like having the audio in the native language we speak? Like I said, it's not the end of the world, but to ask why someone would want this seems a bit silly, especially when they broke series tradition and did it last time.
  6. [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    As someone who uses English voices in all of his fighters, quite enjoyed the -SIGN- cast and even bought a couple of System Voices, since I could ACTUALLY understand them, I'm certainly a bit disappointed. Especially since I was wondering who might play Jack-O' with her multiple personalities, but as others have said, it's not a deal-breaker by any means, so long as the text is in English, which it will be. I'll just miss having the option for the sake of options. Glad to hear Dizzy's abound midway through her development. I've enjoyed the Valentines, I-No, Milia and Leo, but I'm ready to get my girl back! Hope she'll be worth the wait.
  7. [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Not exactly how much Celica has improved overall, and I'm no expert on her BBCPEX incarnation by any means, but I find the fact that Ronitta is currently the Top Ranked player in the Japanese Arcades to be pretty telling. She either got ALOT better, there's still some matchup ignorance going around or he's just that good. Kinda surprised to see Nu-13 that low as well. I know she took some big hits from CPEX and Yoshiki's playing Lambda now, but I've seen him and Pinose put in some solid performances with her, and as thrilled as I am at Lambda's improvements, I was hoping they'd be a bit closer in terms of power, so I could play both of them without feeling like I'm wasting time because one of them is significantly better than the other.
  8. [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    The only one I recall seeing is one from Poropichio from March 7th. I assume this is read Right to Left, so Carl, Rachel, Izayoi>Nine and Arakune? Funnily enough he was complaining about Jin's Overdrive being the best in the game now, so what specifically did they do to Frost End this time?
  9. [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Not to bring a lot of negativity or doom and gloom to the discussion, but talking about the game in my local scene recently, since we've got a couple of Guilty Gear players that want to return or get into it for the first time, one of our players started complaining about the game's balance and noted specifically that Dogura, Goro, Shadow, Dan and a few others have been complaining about the game and declaring it Kusoge on Twitter. Been out of the loop for awhile, so is their truth to this? And if so, what are they saying specifically?
  10. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I know she's traveling with Sin and Sol, but do we have any idea what Ramlethal is doing, Story-wise, in her Arcade Mode, or at least who her Boss is?
  11. [CF] Nine the Phantom General Discussion Thread

    Glad to finally get some information on her. She looks REALLY interesting to me, and I can't wait to see how she plays and possibly add her to my troupe, even though all four-five of my current characters look to be in fantastic spots in their own rights in CF. As for opposing her, I'm glad I play Azrael. LOL! Woman's going to be giving me Phalanx Cannons for DAYS, especially if he can Growler the Mirror while it's up, even if she catches a Phalanx and I set off the beam. Especially looking forward to what our own D-Link LK finds for her come console. Happy to see my old friend form Marvel, Katsticles interested in her as well, since she's TOTALLY ASW Dorm.
  12. [Xrd] Tier Discussion

    I don't think these are numerically ordered with Rank, SynikaL, so the only character that's "numbered" is Milia as #1, because she's the sole S+ Tier. He's not saying Ky's the #3 in Revelator, just that he's in the same Tier as Sol and those other characters.
  13. [Xrd] Tier Discussion

    I think eSports Runner's list is also meant to indicate how often each character is played as well. So I guess Milia's the Flavor Of The Month in Japan, and nobody's really playing much of Pot, Jack-O or Jam, because the latter two are so new?
  14. [Xrd] Tier Discussion

    Japanese eSports site, eSports Runner also posted a Revelator tier list, also as of October 6th: S: Millia. A: Sol, Ky, Zato-one, Chipp, Faust, Axl, Bedman, Sin, Elphelt, Johnny*. B: May, Venom, Slayer, I-no, Ram, Leo. C: Potemkin, Jack-O*, Jam*. * = Provisional They did a write-up as well, that I tried to put through Google Translate: For Milia of S rank, rather than that there is a high character performance, was the S rank from the point of view that it is possible all of the characters and the chemistry is to fight the good or in the chemistry of about fifty-fifty. For C rank of Potemkin, it has been in this rank for the reason that theoretically there are many character compatibility is bad, character performance is not that extremely low. And Milia, which is evaluated as "still strong", "although enhanced, still the lowest rated treatment" difference of more Potemkin evaluation of the player to the will, it should result in consideration of the character compatible with many. However, the potential itself with of each character, has a status quo "Which character is also strong" element, "not win and you're using this character." What of whether the case would not have become considerably less.
  15. [Xrd] Tier Discussion

    FAB did a write-up to accompany his Revelator tier list: S tier characters are not lacking anything, but even among them, Zato and Millia stick out as stronger. Aside from Sol, these characters don't need to bother about charged blitz, which is a strength. A tier is strong, but they all lack something, be it defense, okizeme, mobility, etc. One of Jack-O's strengths is that even though she is a set-up character, her main body's abilities are not bad. She can fight against characters who want to act during the vulnerable periods of setting up, but she seems to struggle against characters that can hit her and her summons simultaneously, or characters that are good at staying on her, so I put her in B. Potemkin is the only D tier character. He has high health and high damage in the corner, but because his midscreen combos are weak, other characters have more situations in which they can get higher damage. He has no strengths that are strong enough to make up for his low mobility, and you can see how inferior he is just by looking. He is not catastrophically weak though, he is a character that manages to get by somehow or rather.