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  1. A friend of mine is trying to learn Platinum in CPEX. Where should he go to start? From playing him I learned he needs to figure out blockstrings, mixups, weapon usage, and perhaps more optimized combos.
  2. I remember Mike Z saying that he talked to Japanese Fighting Game Developers about releasing frame data and hitbox info and etc and they said they wouldn't do it. By all means feel free to try and see if you can get anywhere but I'm doubtful it would happen. And I love that we are in disagreement abut the Reddit style. Reddit is a place to see upvoted funny stuff. The thing that's upvoted the most will get seen the most but the actual discussion will get lost and overshadowed by the top rated comments.
  3. Tournament related stuff would be awesome, especially ones that happen in Japan. Keeping up on who's the top players and how we could watch the tournaments (streams) would help a lot. The wiki is also a big deal, but, as previously stated, it's a group effort. And what's this bad reputation of which you guys speak?
  4. Sarcastic or not, these comments are my motivation. Gonna be headbutting the shit out of people once CF happens.
  5. LaowPing

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    There are other Hilda players? Sent from my 7040N using Tapatalk
  6. This. The problem Active Flow (at least out current interpretation of it) is that it'll most benefit rush down characters. What about someone like Nu who likes to keep their opponent back? What about Tager match ups where you general don't throw out as many signs of aggression as you normal would? Or Hakumen players who save their magatama? Terumi, Ragna, and Noel would love this but some times playing defensive and careful is the preferred choice of some players and characters. Some times it's even the better choice.
  7. LaowPing

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    Or maybe we can use it as a 6B reset.
  8. LaowPing

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Video Thread

    I've been gone from dustloop for a while and the moment I come back Terumi gets a standing overhead. Gonna be playing this all day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhenogvNrno Did it get tighter on CPEX? I remember it being easy enough to delay and check if the overhead hit on CP.
  9. LaowPing

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Video Thread

    Damn bro, how do you find all these? Do your Terumi senses start tingling when ever someone in BB gets curb stomped?
  10. LaowPing

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Video Thread

    The very end of the set with the dp bait. Plus, he stomped him off the screen afterwards for maximum disrespect. Sent from my 7040N using Tapatalk
  11. LaowPing

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Video Thread

    The ending to that Jin match brought a tear to my eye.
  12. LaowPing

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Video Thread

    Vs Tager is actual a good match up. Terumi can pressure reset in ways that are hard for Tager to throw him out of. 2A will punish Tager for not teching, and, as heavy said, 5C is godlike here. Terumi is one of the few characters Tager can't throw around like a ragdoll.
  13. LaowPing

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Video Thread

    Who is the second guy then? He was pretty good. He would of beat litchi if he used stomps instead of the dp at the end.
  14. LaowPing

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    How is +R anyway? Never been interesting in GG but I am interested in Baiken. Are there a lot of players on Steam?
  15. I always played on lessons and everything worked just as well as colosseum.