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  1. 10 hours ago, Airk said:

    Did you just basically tell people on the internet to shut up and stop complaining?

    No I agree I'm sick of Jubei fans bitching and moaning as if every new character steals some imaginary "spot" from Jubei.  He's either in or he's not and that is independent of every other character's existence.  Not to mention that all it does is shit up perfectly good threads.  Which is what we're doing right now.

  2. On 3/17/2016 at 6:21 PM, Martikol said:

    Makes sense I guess.

    Speaking of which, anybody find it kinda sad that arcsys didn't do some sort of homage or respectful gesture to slayers dead VA like they did with eddie/zato (or heihachi in TTT2)?

    They did.  When they first revealed Terumi's new theme song in CP 2.0/Extend on stream, Mori and co named it after a Slayer song in dedication to Kayumi and had a brief moment of silence.

  3. 2 hours ago, Jocelot said:

    Yooooooo is Ramlethal throwing up gang signs in that first pic? Sister seflies, am I right?

    It's okay, it's the black sister doing it.  #kappa


    1 hour ago, This Man said:

    For those wondering (probably no-one), the musical instrument HaeHyun plays looks like a famous Korean instrument called a 'Gayageum' (pronounced kai-yag-um), but I've never seen it played standing up like she does.


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    I thought Haeyun was the name of the doll, not the girl?

  4. 2 hours ago, Putin said:

    I don't see much skill whenever Carl resets corner pressure with the new nee-san flail attack, which he can input while pressing other normals making it safe, and gives him enough time to go for another mixup :v:

    Other than that yeah, it's not easy using one and a half characters at the same time I guess

    But dude he doesn't have a meterless reversal so it's okay just like Valk!  #kappa

  5. 17 minutes ago, George Costanza said:

    Honestly, Raven looks pretty good even without use of his meter.

    Which also makes me wonder, how the hell are you ever gonna bait someone into hitting you during stance? It seems like you would really have to slow down your own momentum. Early impressions though so whatever,

    I can think of a few possibilities.

    1.Bait dead angles with blockstrings and then cancel into stance.

    2.Use it the same way you would use Ky 6H

    3.Use it as you would a 6P to catch people blindly airdashing in on you

    That of course all assumes that this works like I think it does.

  6. 6 hours ago, Darlos9D said:

    Man, I kinda want to know more about Raven's command throw. Like, is it literally just unblockable? It looks like it reaches real far. Is it slow like Skrull throws in mvc3 or something? Is Potemkin gonna get out-grappled by this hooded little shit? Oy. I'm paranoid.

    At least Kum looks cool. Unless his links end up being horrendous to do reliably.

    Surely they wouldn't give a character a literal unblockable command grab with that range.  At least not without his gimmick meter being high.  Even by GG standards that would be ridiculous.  Then again Pot gets out grappled by Sol and Elphelt so lol idk.

  7. I know I've said this before, but I really can't believe this thread sometimes.  A ton of new info comes out with two brand new characters and all anyone wants to talk about is Dizzy's shadow.  I really must ask what you all are going to talk about when she's actually revealed.  I'm sorry if this soudns rude, but I have to imagine that the people being impatient for her are not going to be the ones sticking around to discuss Dizzy tech.

    6 minutes ago, Suzaku said:

    Wachen Zweig: Command grab where he grabs the opponent with his long arms and slams them into the ground.

    Is it known if this is a real command grab or a blockable "grab" like Merkava's stretchy arm grab?  That's a pretty big difference IMO.