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  1. Necro is pretty edgy fam. I can't see any reason for Dizzy to not be in Revalator tbh
  2. I'm actually going to need Dizzy to be in here soon
  3. Hey he works with them. ASW CANNOT BE TRUSTED
  4. >Trusting ASW's word. Have we learned nothing from the past? Example:Celica
  5. Yeah and she talks "robotic" now Also "no gameplay changes have been reported yet" ;__; ahhh shittttt
  6. Alright Blade, since the loketest is now underway if there is ONE balance change, I want you on your knees begging for forgiveness. Okay ?
  7. If anyone is up, Daiji-sama is streaming Twitter: @1_daiji
  8. Syklone

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    This thread is super crowded. But guys......where do I even start with this character? I've gotten a bunch of names of players to watch but I'm actually curious about her OS stuff. I wanna know them all. Edit: Actually that was a really dumb question, you guys actually USE YOUR WIKI and keep it updated. I'll just use that!
  9. Nah I don't think it means anything. He said Ram was hard to balance too. Jack-O will probably be trash as well ;_;
  10. Some kinda change to the sword. Was pretty unclear but we'll just have to wait until it's out to really get a look at what's happening
  11. Nah that's unnecessary. Spoiler for a top 8? It's not even a story lmao. Oh and btw Mr. Blade, Revalator does indeed have a few small balance changes, which is all Rammy needs.
  12. Syklone

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Good night, sweet prince.
  13. The only relevant Revalator news I want to hear is some kind of change list that includes a slew of buffs for Ramlethal. Cause what she's got right now ain't cutting it! Regardless idk who told them they were fine with the balance, it's close but a few more shitty characters could use a couple enhancements. AKA BUFF RAMMY. Also a few of the top guys could use a few tweaks, nothing too crazy, and I'm actually fine with they way they are now. Execpt Elphet. Yeah no, somethings gotta change with that chick. Litterally has everything haha