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  1. Speakeasy

    MAXOUT Midwest Monthly Hosted by Kansas City

    If you're in the Kansas City area, be there or be square. And play Blazblue with me?
  2. Speakeasy

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    SB Randomizer/Debilitate is invul frame 2 if I remember correctly, but still loses to meaties because of that. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  3. Speakeasy

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    I don't remember if I posted it already and I'm too lazy to check. The Liz Skype group is open. If you'd like to join, please DM me your info either here or on Twitter.
  4. Speakeasy

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    What makes Lambda hard for you? I've never played the matchup from either side so I'm genuinely curious.
  5. Speakeasy

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    I only use OMC Thanatos stuff if the next hit is guaranteed to kill and I have at least 100 meter so I don't give up all of my resources if it doesn't land. Typically if they somehow wind up fullscreen with Thanatos on top of them, since anything that happens there isn't going to get me killed. I also never use Randomizer. :v I'm not confident enough to deliberately do a charge forward input and the few times I have gotten it have been when I did something stupid on defense while being crossed up. I also wouldn't use it at round start more than once in a blue moon either, since it can be baited by the opponent waiting for a couple frames to see if you throw it out. I'm sure there are times to use it, but I'm not confident enough to learn them and start putting them into practice without a better input for it. I'm not super clear on the exact workings of Liz's safejump, but the general idea is that you get pressure if they didn't DP. If you land a fear safejump as Liz, you get 5A/2A/throw mixup and they can't fuzzy jump out of it. Which is fantastic, let me tell you. Other than that, I can tell you nothing. I don't watch any 2.0 stuff at this point, so I can't say anything there. :v I hope in was able tk help somewhat.
  6. Speakeasy

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to Aletheia, and that other Ken player whose PSN name is escaping me. ;-; I'm sorry I forgot your name! Also symbolic GGs to Funcky for being cool enough to talk to to make me keep typing on stick. You're good people.
  7. Speakeasy

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Apologies to PhilTCasual for that 2 rounds of powerpoint. You got up and left while I was typing my apology. D: Also GGs to RunItHomie. Ken has a way of making me forget how to be patient because I have to kill the dog. ;-;
  8. Are there any option selects in Blazblue that should be known about, such as the fuzzy stuff in Persona? I know there are fuzzy guard setups, where you're locked into one blocking animation (ie stuck standing so jump normals that would normally whiff crouching will hit you and you're forced to block them), but I imagine those vary in setup and usefulness from character to character. Is there anything else?
  9. Speakeasy

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    I started a Lambda/Nu Skype group a few months back. If anybody wants in, please PM me and I can add you. It's both characters because it was originally a 1.1 Nu group. :c Please tell me if I should make my own thread for it.
  10. Speakeasy

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to everyone I fought tonight. At some point I'll play Mitsuru at a level I deem acceptable. Then you'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE.
  11. Speakeasy

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Q&A Thread

    Is an awakened A Bufu > j.D route acceptable for non-1HSM meterless damage? For example, something like 5AA 5B 5C A Bufu j.D sweep? It seems super prorated though, to the point where it doesn't look like you get 5AA after j.D, so I don't know if you can get a knockdown off it.
  12. Speakeasy

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Q&A Thread

    Has there been a writeup or anything done on the benefits of our different oki/knockdown options? For example, midscreen 2C > D Agi, 2C > SB Zio, j.C, safejump, j.B > j.D safejump, etc. It could be helpful for people learning Liz/working to improve.
  13. Speakeasy

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Q&A Thread

    I was thinking more along the lines of how the Lizzies combo after 5D and such, with air chain>j.C>2A. I know there are combos like that off non-fatal now, so that's what for me thinking.
  14. Speakeasy

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Q&A Thread

    Are the combos we're seeing Liz do in 2.0 possible in 1.1? They look like they would be (at least ones that don't need a bunch of bufus or multiple stocked 2Cs).
  15. Speakeasy

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Tricks and Gimmicks Compilation

    Not sure where else to put this, but 5B combos into 5D on fatal counter and j.B combos into j.D as well. I know Omnix has been working on j.B > j.D safejump routes, but is 5B 5D good for another way of getting a fear safejump?