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  1. I honnestly am curious to see how Deathscythe Hell(TV) and Heavyarms Kai(TV) end up being compared to their EW counterparts. @Hakko yeah it was that Reposter dude, making 1-2 threads.
  2. So I just came here to ask something. I was reading a thread on gamefaqs(yeah gamefaqs totally credible source of legit info right guys? :P ) Anyways, I was curious, because 1-2 people reckoned some redundant units got removed from line up. So like say Providence got removed because Legend is in the game ect. I don't think they would remove some units that are simillar in looks, but have different move lists. I mean I could see them removing those redundant DLC clones though. So does anyone know about this at all?
  3. I'ld be curious what makes you think that? In any case if don't get them as FB DLC, they will all come once Maxi Boost gets a console port sooner or later.
  4. If it's on another PS3 and sharing the same copy digitall or same game copy. Chances are most likely yes. if on the same system, I think so. I believe you can purchase an online pass in the in game PSN shop option. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  5. Probably when Maxi Boost is on the way out in arcades, which is probably roughly 2 years from now? that would be my guess at least, depends when the next VS series game after Maxi Boost comes in to development(and is released in arcades ect)
  6. I really need to remember to come around to the boards more often. But of the new DLC announced, I'm most looking forward to Altron, Strike Rouge Ootori and Re-GZ. Be curioust to see what changes Banshee Norn has also and also Gold Frame Amatsu has in comparisson to the previous itteration of Gold Frame. The Gundam X could be alot like it's Gundam vs Gundam incarnation(no pack swapping), and maybe some slight new moves with G-Bits or something else.