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  1. Zanken

    Faust in Accent Core: Video Posting

    Removed due to user violation etc. I was gonna link this to someone tonight, only to realise that it's gone. Was my favourite combo video.
  2. Yep, replaced KOFXII. Sound business move. There are two other KOFs and a whole bunch of other games and regardless of how busy it gets, the thing never got touched.
  3. Slight change for Timeout in Melbourne. Australia Timeout Arcade Number of cabs: 2
  4. Yeah Timeout is nice, especially since they upgraded everything to these cabs (16:9 3S is funny though). Awesome, let us know when you drop by.
  5. Some modifications to the Melbourne details. Timeout Arcade 609 Station St Box Hill, Melbourne VIC 3128 Arcade hours: Monday-Sunday, 10AM to Midnight Number of cabs: 1 Type of cabs:Side by side knockoff Linberg 32" LCD Joystick equipment: Standard Sanwa sticks and buttons Price: $2 to start, $1 to continue
  6. Zanken

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Got to play for the first time today. Love the new Ragna. Is it just me or is 5b a tiny bit shorter? I whiff hits that 'feel' right. The new 5c is very nice though. Also this combo listed in the combo thread: CH 214A, 5B, 6A (HJC), j.C, j.D (JC), j.C, j.D, 623D -> 236C -> 214D Damage: 2380, Difficulty: * I noticed now that when you CH hells fang your opponent moves back a lot, so my usual 5d after 5b was whiffing by a lot. I don't see how this combo would land? (dash after CH I imagine)
  7. Zanken

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    It's possible that Kaqn is simply leaving off the ender as a nice reset. At that height you can pretty much go straight into 6a and mixups.
  8. Stick input. I've been playing stick for years, but most of it was spent playing Faust so there was a lot of input I didn't need to do so much. Been playing around with ABA in training and I find IAD from the 1p side to be extremely difficult, because of hand positioning. On a hrap, it's very difficult to do a 99 or a 11 motion, and I'm thinking about holding the stick differently to accomodate it. Does anyone else have this issue? For 77 I can basically use just my thumb and it's easy, but 99 I'm using my whole arm.
  9. Zanken

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    If you're jump cancelling from 2s, I found that the best thing to do was put a tiny bit of delay between the 2d > 2s gattling and the characters hit a little higher making the jc j.k window a bit larger for you. Hope that helps.
  10. Zanken

    AC: Got Oki?

    Are you sure? I used to dash in throw range with faust and 2p on wakeup, and people would bitch that they weren't able to throw it. That 2p is something like 2 active frames, so I thought I've might just gotten the timing down on their first frame up.
  11. Zanken

    AC: General Q&A

    I'm trying to get this down to. I find that doing 6d, 23h is having pretty good success rate for getting j.d to bomber gattling.
  12. Zanken

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    This is wireless multiplayer right? I have no idea how PSP multi works. It's slightly annoying this game isn't on a normal console. :s
  13. Zanken

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    This part here is quite confusing. When exactly are you throwing the bomb?
  14. Zanken

    Faust in Accent Core : Matchups

    Bridget is highly unfun. :s
  15. Zanken

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    Thanks Zinac. A few nifty tricks in there, didn't pickup that pogo p was an overhead either, good stuff.