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  1. It'd take a lot of work for the Dom to be usable with its weapon selection given the speed of the game these days. All the basic Dom has is a bazooka, beam spray gun, and heat saber, and I just don't see it keeping up with other 1500s.
  2. tfw Qubeley top tier again never
  3. No I'm pretty sure Setsuna needs a few more sidestory suits to bloat the roster some more.
  4. Oh hey, almightymino's still here. I'm surprised he hasn't complained about the "toxic" US community again while being racist with his "I'm a white man in HK and think Americans don't deserve anything" speech. Anyways, I'm glad Qubeley MkII has been buffed, but I'd give anything to have Haman's Qubeley get its one funnel beam=knockback again, though I know it's never going to happen.
  5. Maybe this boss will actually be challenging unlike Sthesia's other two forms.
  6. Problem is Valkyries are a hell of a lot more mobile than balancing in a Vs. game would let them be. It'd be really awkward only having about as much airborne time as, say, DX+G-Falcon when the VFs are planes with a humanoid configuration as opposed to mobile suits with a waverider form like Zeta or Delta Plus.
  7. There are people who actually want Kio?
  8. Good, but I was kinda hoping for the funnels to get their original "one beam=flinch" that they used to have instead of the way it is now.
  9. Not shown in Blitz's moveset: automatically impaling itself on the other team's beam sabers when they have their melee weapons out.
  10. Nerfing one of the most popular suits in the game would cause a poor reaction, don't you think? For example, Qubeley was made extremely powerful for a short period of time, but it's hardly a popular unit, so nerfing it didn't piss that many people off. Now, Banshee? Tons of people play it and they would be furious if their top tier unit was suddenly less effective than other 2500s. Also gotta sell that Gunpla, can't be having suits with recent MG/HGUC kits doing poorly, now can we? That's a very slippery slope.
  11. And yet Qubeley will never return to its glory days...
  12. X Divider better not get nerfed to oblivion, it's time for GX units to shine. What changes would possibly be made to Puru Qubeley Mk II? Seems like an odd unit to make changes to, doesn't seem like it'd be a very high priority.
  13. Good thing I bought all the cosmetic stuff I wanted when it was still in an even denomination. Really wish Gatogoog had been released earlier, it's the only clone unit I actually want to get.