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  1. altairdooder

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Not surprising. Previous updates that fixed bugs related to Ex-S or something did the exact same thing with replays featuring him. I recorded some stuff ahead of time anticipating all this but I guess it still sucks for people who don't have that luxury.
  2. altairdooder

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Anyone got something to say about this?
  3. Every PSN account that's not the game owner's needs to have its own online pass purchased, whether sharing one system or gamesharing the game over two. Isn't the whole reason they implemented the online pass related to pissing people off with a safe and combat proven method preserving leaderboard integrity and preventing expert players from infiltrating rookie games where they're not wanted?
  4. altairdooder

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    This is interesting.