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  1. illness690

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    If you play Orie, then you are a bully. She needs to die. Don't pay me any mind. I'm chock full of salt atm :D
  2. illness690

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    It just depends on your opponent. In my 2 days of experience with the game I've faced 2 bar ppl that felt fine, but that there's huge random lag spikes that nearly slows things down to a standstill, and my buttons come out a whole second or two after I press. I've played Arturo Sanchez a few times and it was mostly fine with a few small lag spikes here and there, maybe because I'm in Houston and he's in New York.
  3. illness690

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    What's funny to me is how no matter how bad the lag is my opponent can always hit their combos, and continue playing as if it was 4 bars.
  4. illness690

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    Literally just bought this game like ten minutes ago, it's downloading as we speak. I won't be online for a few because I'll be learning from the ground up, but feel free to add me for matches once I start getting a hang of the game. My psn is the same as my username on here.
  5. illness690

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Do you guys know if there's gonna be any more balance changes for the console version?
  6. illness690

    [P4A] Mitsuru Kirijo Beginner Q&A Thread

    Thanks man, I'll keep all that in mind.
  7. illness690

    [P4A] Mitsuru Kirijo Beginner Q&A Thread

    Thanks a ton for all the help guys, I'm gonna copy all this stuff into the notes on my phone so I can practice all these things in the lab. You have no idea how much help this is. I <3 this community
  8. illness690

    [P4A] Mitsuru Kirijo Beginner Q&A Thread

    I'm terribly frustrated. I'm not new to fighters, but I consider myself new to this game in the sense that I have no idea what every character does, so I get hit with random things in matches where I don't know the matchup that I probably shouldn't be getting hit by. I have no idea if I'm even playing the character correctly. What should I be doing in general with Mitsuru at the very beginning of the match? Press 5A? A coup? What should I do if they immediately IAD in? Can 5A anti air an IAD? What blockstrings should I be using when I apply pressure? 5AAA 5B 2AB ACoup? Or something else? What kind of Oki should I be doing with Mitsuru? What kind of mixups does she have? What should I be doing in the neutral game with her? I usually try to rushdown with her by closing the gap with A coup and applying pressure with 5A strings into sweep. Any help, advice, or points in the right direction to find this info myself would be greatly appreciated. I really like this game, and I really want to get better at it, especially with ultimax right around the corner. I've been playing SF4 and all its iterations since 2009 and I haven't had nearly as much fun playing that game as I am with this one.
  9. illness690

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    That song was obnoxious, but the trailer itself was cool. Hopefully this will still be on ps3. I don't want to upgrade to a ps4 just yet.