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  1. HolyOrderChipp

    GGXrd Revelator Character Vote Ballot Revealed

    Well I certainly hope Order-Sol wins. If I had to wager, though, I'd guess Dizzy would. (Maybe Kaqn will just vote a million more times than everyone else, though, and we'll get Order-Sol. I can hope!)
  2. HolyOrderChipp

    [CPEX] Kagura Mutsuki - Combo Thread

    How does that [4]6A > Overdrive thing work? What keeps them in hitstun? Just... What's going on there?
  3. HolyOrderChipp

    [CPEX] Kagura Mutsuki - Combo Thread

    Ok great; I've got the hang of it now.
  4. HolyOrderChipp

    [CPEX] Kagura Mutsuki - Combo Thread

    So I'm having trouble with the 5BB>3C>2DC>5DA>[4]6A>5B>3C>6DC>2DB combo; after the [4]6A my opponent is usually too high for the 5B to land. What do I have to do to which timings to ensure that they're low enough?
  5. HolyOrderChipp

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Anyone prepared to bet it will be out before Xrd hits arcades? I'm not. You would think it could have happened by now. Can't be a PlayStation issue, can't be a localization issue. Unless somehow US PSN disallows the same code that they allowed on JP PSN. (As speculated about the crashing)
  6. HolyOrderChipp

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Well, I'm back to assuming Xrd will be out in arcades before US PSN gets the patch. And forget about Europe and Australia. Oh well. At least Order-Sol hasn't changed too much so if I get to play +R in person it shouldn't be too much adjustment. (And it's not like I knew matchups anyway having so few opponents, so that won't really get worse.)
  7. HolyOrderChipp

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Well, no news on the American PS3 patch. PS3 patch is out in Japan, so we know that it can't be a PS3 issue, and X360 has it over here, so it can't be a translation issue... Not that there'd be much to translate, so... It's just an ArcSys being dicks issue? At least I don't live in Europe or Australia. You would think digital releases could be simultaneous worldwide. At least maybe in the age of discs companies could disingenuously blame the fact they have to ship the damn things. At least we'll probably get it before Xrd hits arcades... On the other hand, I'm pretty hype for +R and once we get the patch all will be forgiven. Then I can go back to waiting for Xrd. And hoping it has all the characters I like.
  8. HolyOrderChipp

    [CSE] Ragna Gameplay Discussion

    Oh god, 3:14, Kaqn you troll. I guess he did it 'cos it was last round, he wouldn't need them for green bursts, and... He thought he could kill off of them if either hit?
  9. If you're ever in Massachusetts or close by add me to the pile of challengers. Maybe my Bang will be less bad then. And hopefully my Ragna will be better.
  10. I-it is? I've always had trouble finding spots to put Daifunka ever since CS2...
  11. Sorry, posted 5A damage from memory, but it's not surprising I misremembered. And the issue isn't dash under 5B having enough untechable time, it's having enough time to do it. Pretty sure I wouldn't have enough time for 2B.
  12. ...I feel so small, posting such a basic combo, but here goes. My corner combo: (5A) 5B 2B 2C 623B 5B 6C j.4C j.623B 5B j.A j.B j.4C dj.4C dj.C (3700, or 3500 with 5A at the start) You can also start it from j.C, which adds 200 damage, and you can leave out or put in the 5A at that point. Works vs. both stand and crouch, probably on everyone? I haven't been super thorough about testing it. Oh, and I dunno if you can dash under before the last 5B to keep them in the corner, but I'm not nearly good enough to try. So... Anyone got a better combo? And can anyone get dash under 5B to work in this combo? Messed around with 5B 2B 6C stuff, but I thought it was a dead end 'cos I was using multiple j.623B. Somehow I doubt vs. stand will give a better combo though. j.D also scales the hell out of it.
  13. HolyOrderChipp

    [CS2] Ragna Combos Thread

    So I was messing around with 5B > 6A in the corner and came up with: 5B 6A sj.C j.D dj.C dj.D Belial Edge 5D (1) Dead Spike 5D Hell's Fang > Tsuika for ~3200 damage plus builds meter. Maybe you could replace the Hell's Fang with CID dash under 3C nonsense? You might still be able to get Hell's Fang then. Or 22C for loads of damage. Tested on Lambda, BTW.
  14. HolyOrderChipp

    [CS2] Ragna Combos Thread

    So when I hit with 5B, I should pretty much be doing either 5C, Hell's Fang, or 6A GH et cetera, right? That is, unless I hit a crouching opponent decently close, in which case I should go 5C 6C dash cancel blah blah... Right? Or maybe 2C 6C? Does 2C have less pushback? Sorry, I don't have my console right now, so I'm just sort of... Trying to get as much info as I can while I'm away.