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  1. Hey there, do you play arcana heart at all? Im looking for people to play with.

    1. pokemonblaze234


      naaaah, i dont, game was too deads for me to get into

  2. SilverForte

    [LM] Online Matchmaking

    There's a new discord chat for this game, best place to find players now, feel free to come around. https://discord.gg/0jHNoAEz0v2oHo5k
  3. SilverForte

    [P4AU] Beginner-Intermediate Player List & Match Finder

    Heya Nereus. Psn: SilverForte58 Time: EST Main: Yukari No sub, I just got the game today.
  4. SilverForte

    [LM] Arcana Heart 3 Q&A Thread

    When I do get on now and then, I typically run into the same few players. I don't necessarily mind but it would be nice to find a wider variety of people. If anyone wants to play message me.
  5. SilverForte

    [LM] Online Matchmaking

    Looking for people to play, just picked this up and wanna learn. Feel free to message me.
  6. SilverForte

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    I'll be waiting for the english release myself. Looking forward to experimenting with the new Izayoi.
  7. SilverForte

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    I ain't got no ps3, anyone still play on 360?