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  1. So, sorry to change the subject a bit but I'm curious on something. A lot of people have been messaging/tweeting me saying there was an update to CF to ver 1.02? Anyone know anything about this?
  2. followed you back fam xD

    1. DaRealZil


      Bout time you followed yah boy!! XD

  3. Wow...I managed to take BBCF at the Fall Classic. Those games were insane at that...

  4. Just messing around with CF Azrael. Here's a non-practical, but stylish, combo. :v: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbXAZ3Zsv5I 

  5. Raven...why you gotta be so fun? :)

  6. Soooo Valk...had no idea the character was SO damn fun!

  7. DaRealZil

    BB Matchup Directory

    Made the rest of Azrael's Matchup threads. Azrael vs Amane Azrael vs Arakune Azrael vs Azrael Azrael vs Bang Azrael vs Bullet Azrael vs Carl Azrael vs Hakumen Azrael vs Hazama Azrael vs Tager Azrael vs Izayoi Azrael vs Kagura Azrael vs Koko Azrael vs Litchi Azrael vs Makoto Azrael vs Platinum Azrael vs Taokaka Azrael vs Terumi Azrael vs Mu-12 Azrael vs Nu-13
  8. DaRealZil

    "Match Up Strategy Development" by Lord Knight

    A very good read. I'm going to try and use some of these tips to help myself improve.
  9. DaRealZil

    BBCPE Terumi CMV "Abyss" by TheBiter

    Always nice to see some Terumi love. He was one of my first mains when I picked up CP vanilla. Imo he's still one of the games more fun characters...even in Extend. :P
  10. DaRealZil

    XRD Matchup Directory

    Made the rest of the Leo matchup threads. Leo vs Bedman Leo vs Chipp Leo vs Faust Leo vs I-No Leo vs Leo Leo vs May Leo vs Millia Leo vs Pot Leo vs Ramlethal Leo vs Sin Leo vs Slayer Leo vs Venom Leo vs Zato
  11. DaRealZil

    Practical Xrd 1.1 Slayer Combos From Pichy

    I just picked up Slayer this week so this vid is pretty well timed. XD
  12. DaRealZil

    Xrd REVELATOR New Character Revealed! 1st Loke Test This Weekend.

    I like her and all but...I want Zappa back more than I want new characters.
  13. Them Azael changes though? Gonna take a bit of adjusting.

  14. The Leo Hype Train Is Real!!