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  1. Any chance I can get someone to recolor 3 Azrael images for me to his CF color 5 (Yellow with black hair)? I'll post the 3 images and what the color looks like below. Anyone that can do this is my favorite person ever!!
  2. [CF] Hibiki Kohaku General Discussion Thread

    Question, has anyone gathered any of Hibiki's frame data? Or a rough draft of it at least?
  3. So, sorry to change the subject a bit but I'm curious on something. A lot of people have been messaging/tweeting me saying there was an update to CF to ver 1.02? Anyone know anything about this?
  4. followed you back fam xD

    1. DaRealZil


      Bout time you followed yah boy!! XD

  5. Wow...I managed to take BBCF at the Fall Classic. Those games were insane at that...

  6. Hi all, just curious on something. Now that we've got to try Valk in the Jap demo for CF whats people's opinion on him? Even tho I'm new to him (Just started learning him near the end of CPEX) I think he's still very solid in this version.
  7. Just messing around with CF Azrael. Here's a non-practical, but stylish, combo. :v: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbXAZ3Zsv5I 

  8. Hi all, first I will state that I am NOT part of the Staff that runs this event. This post is more so about an issue that WE, the community, can fix at TFC 2016. I will go ahead and apologize to mods if this is the wrong place to post this topic. Anyways, the issue at hand is at the event this year the Staff are choosing to run CPEX over CF even tho it came out a month in advance. The main reason being that they don't have enough Japanese accounts/systems with the game. However, with a bit of talking with the staff they ARE willing to switch over to the latest version as long as they get enough setups donated. So, I'm asking for those of you going to The Fall Classic this year to play Blazblue to PLEASE bring a setup with you to help things along. It'll be more enjoyable for the spectators who will want to see the new game and, of course, the hype. The hype will be beyond real!! Like a said, sorry if this was not posted in the right place but this honestly seemed like the best area to place it.
  9. [XrdR] Kum Haehyun "Tuner" Gameplay Discussion

    If Zidane is at CEO this weekend he'll probably be using Haehyun over Leo.
  10. [XrdR] Kum Haehyun "Tuner" Gameplay Discussion

    I've been using j.2k for throw reset situations during an air combo. Especially when I know the air combo won't kill but a throw would. It's rather gimmicky but I'll start the air combo either off an AA 5P/6P > jc > J.PPK > jc > instant j.2k. If they tech go for the air throw if not go for j.H to get knockdown/oki setups. Still testing how viable/escapeable this is. In the corner I do know it's air tight and hard for them to escape unless they tech into a reversal or see the throw coming.
  11. Raven...why you gotta be so fun? :)

  12. Raven Q & A

    I've found it's a bit easier to whiff j.2K or j.H after swoop so Raven can land early and go for another mixup. On a side note I think someone really should start a combo thread for Raven. I would also suggest a social thread but I kinda feel this Q&A thread has become that.
  13. Soooo Valk...had no idea the character was SO damn fun!

  14. [CPEX] Valkenhayn Q&A Thread

    Hi all you Valk players. I just picked up Valk about two days ago and I've found a really, really like this character. Through out BBCP I've played Terumi, Azrael, Ragna, and had a brief period of playing Hazama. So, Valk is the most difficult character that I want to actually learn and I'm still getting adjusted to the character. My main questions are what are some good starting points with him? What should I learn first with him like what are some good starter combos, notable normals for both human and wolf form, ect. Any advice would be appreciated. Edit: Feel free to ignore this. Just saw the Valk Strat Guide Thread and have been looking over it.
  15. Azrael vs Tager

    The video database (Japanese site) is a place where matchup videos are kept. Translating it to English makes thing a lot easier to navigate. In terms of using it, basically if you click on Tager's portrait, translate the next page, and find the name of the opponent. It will then take you to a page with a list of all videos that database has where that matchup is happening. One of my training partners is a Tager main so I have a bit of experience with this matchup. Overall this matchup can be quite a pain for Azrael since he has to respect Tager more then other members of the cast since if he doesn't he can get 360/720'd for not doing so. A few notes on Tager is that his hurtbox on his A Buster has about 8 frames on invul time so if Azrael isn't respecting you an A Buster nets you damage and magnetism thanks to the 22D (Gadget Finger) followup. During that situation though the Tager player needs to be wary of Scud Punishment (214214D) if Azrael has 50 meter. If he doesn't Az will get two free marks for the next 20 seconds. When Azrael is magnetized and close this matchup is a bit different since being magnetized doesn't allow Az to backdash on wake up as often to avoid Tager's mixup.(360, Air Buster/Atomic Collider, sweep/5B and such) If the Tager player reads said backdash and can lead to another command grab. Tager does need to be wary of when Spark Bolt is a 50/50 in this matchup since Az has Growler which allows him to absorb it but still get magnetized. (I'm pretty sure) Likewise, if Tager throws out Spark Bolt in neutral and the Az player reads it he can simply backdash and cause it to whiff. Going back to close range, which is where this matchup will be played for the most part. Azrael does have a couple of answers to Tager's command grabs as well. 3C, 6A, and Sentinel Dumb (214C). Some being not as safe as others. (6A) A common problem people have against Azrael is learning to block his two trickiest drive moves and block accordingly. (6D & 3D) My advice for that is hit up training mode against Azrael and record him to do both of these moves until you can notice on start up which is coming. Also, the rule on Az's drives is anything that applies a red mark/upper mark is an overhead and anything that applies a yellow mark/lower mark is a low. I tend to ramble on when it comes to giving any advice. So, hopefully SOME bit of this was helpful in some way to someone. XD