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  1. TheRandomGamerD

    GGXrd Tier List and Analysis by Nage

    I never saw Leo as being so low. I knew he needed to take risks and always be on the offense but i never saw that as a fault. Interesting what Nage said about him. Overall i agree that the entire cast is strong and of course each have their own good/bad matchups. With Revelator only days away i wonder how the new characters will fit in.
  2. TheRandomGamerD

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    I'm curious to find out how, if at all, she changed. We can assume she'll get new normals and maybe specials, but i wanna know if her match strategy will change because of these new moves, or because of the system of Xrd. Also wondering how Asanagi will behave in Xrd.
  3. TheRandomGamerD

    Revolution 2015 November 6-8

    Awesome. Look forward to this.
  4. I think bringing back an old character after showing Jack-O was a good move. It's always great seeing old favorites come back into the mix. Can't wait to see how she'll play in Revelator.
  5. TheRandomGamerD

    Unfinished Character Colors in XRD

    The more colors = The better. Put them in!
  6. TheRandomGamerD

    Arc Revolution Cup 2015 Details

    Powerhouse teams on there.
  7. TheRandomGamerD

    Nesica x Live Arrives at Round 1 (UPDATED)

    One word: Finally. Now get out there and play!
  8. Before we even scroll down from the front page there should be links at the top to direct users to where they want to go. Like an airport. You see the signs and go there. Not walk in for 2 minutes and then finally see where it is you want to go. There could be links at the very top that direct people to the game they came to Dustloop for. There's too much info being stretched vertically instead of horizontally in the same field of view. I don't know these are just aesthetic suggestions.
  9. If you could maybe create a list of the ideas you are planning on implementing or really like then that gives us something to base our next suggestions off of.
  10. TheRandomGamerD

    JP Player Diaries from EVO translated

    Wow what a mess they went through at the airports. Most impressed with Rion. He spent a lot of extra time studying and practicing anti-Leo tech. So cool that Ain mailed him anti-Leo tech! Rion's preparation really showed in his Top 8 match against Zidane.
  11. TheRandomGamerD

    Xrd -REVELATOR- Location Test 3 Notes and New Elphelt Costume

    If what is written is correct then Horizontal Dust will be a big part of the game now. Guaranteed knockdown and descent corner carry? Burst Supers are a thing now. I forgot about that. Who know's if it'll be worth using them. Jack-O still seems like a candidate for top tier if her pressure game is strong enough.
  12. TheRandomGamerD

    EVO 2015 GGXXAC+R Singles Results

    I missed most of pools so i'm excited to see what i missed
  13. TheRandomGamerD

    Final Loketest for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Begin on July 30th

    Can't wait for the secret loketest footage to spring up around the internet.
  14. TheRandomGamerD

    Guilty Gear Xrd: REVELATOR Announced!

    I just want more in this game... more characters.. more game mechanics... just more everything!