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  1. Almost, but not quite. Depending on whose EWGF you are doing, you have 2-4 frames of window to input down, down/forward but they all require that you press the button simultaneously with down/forward. Dauro doesn't require you to press the button simultaneously though.
  2. Shoutout to Scottie for making this tournament happen Shoutout to Tacky Takeru for being my practice buddy in BB for last couple weeks Shoutout to Gli for being so troll in the matches Shoutout to SkyKing for coming out and repping San Antonio Shoutout to Yuushiro for coming out and sitting around for ever, since the BB casual wasn't available for so long Shoutout to Pozer for being Pozer and getting hit by Yukiko's IK in the real match Shoutout to AMBakery for being so chill and all the cookies and cakes Shoutout to Jan for being rusty in GG. Who plays GG these days anyway, lol Shoutout to Naomi GG cabinet just because it has GG in it Shoutout to Dallas for being so strong in P4A Shoutout to Kidviper for playing HOS; it was the first time I've seen him play GG, lol Shoutout to Poon for no show. You still owe me $20 MM in GG. I'll try to find you if you come to EVO, I guess Shoutout to FlameIce for being a BB enthusiast from what I heard from the Austin crew. Keep it up Shoutout to Arcade UFO for providing the stream Shoutout to the grocery store next to UFO, cause I would've starved to death if it wasn't there Shoutout to everyone else that I didn't mention but we played in the tournament
  3. Hahaha, very cute. We'll see about that. Make sure you show up though. I'm counting on you to be my training dummy, so I can even warm up.
  4. woki

    AC+R: Dizzy Changes

    Bubble looks so sad right now. I guess they thought K fish (with the distance also nerfed) coming back to pop the bubble is too cheap... They made sure it doesn't happen when Dizzy somehow gets hit after sending out fish and bubble. I don't see any particularly useful buff other than 236D. It will actually help in some matchups (even in Dizzy vs Dizzy !!!! I look forward to play that matchup). Speaking of matchups, Zappa sword doesn't look so free for Dizzy anymore, with his near full screen sword pressure... 2D was still jump cancelable, so that was relief.
  5. woki

    AC+R: Dizzy Changes

    Just when I thought "how can they possibly nerf dizzy in the next game?" I guess 5k-236hs opener for easy knockdown was too cheap... :/ I like how k fish got changed to allow easy mixup with it, although I don't like how it drastically decreases guard bar when they get hit by it. Also, I wonder if you can IB and then backdash in between k fish to throw off dizzy when she sets up oki (looks at slayer).
  6. I'm in Pool 10, but I'm nobody so I shouldn't be on that list. Some faggot has been telling people I play Jin, but it's not true, I play Mu, cause I play Dizzy. Better practice that matchup.
  7. I'm sure many already know this, but I just wanted to note that her BnB in the corner ... > 6a > j.2c > j.5d > 2b > 5c > 2c > laser hit > j.2c > ... doesn't work on Noel and Rachel; that j.2c whiffs on them, so don't bother trying it when you play against them for the first time.
  8. woki

    Kentucky Stomping Grounds Mk. IV

    How is it looking now? I really want to see Kentucky crew at Evo. If any of you can make it and need a room, PM me. After all, it was great hanging out with Kentucky crew at Season's Beatings (especially Kyle and Ray who were my roommates). You guys will always be welcome, even if I haven't met some of you yet. PS. I'm wondering if Ray plays Vampire Savior characters in MvC3, assuming he even plays it.
  9. Whoever it was, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear deodorant whenever you go to a tournament. There were girls in the room too, geez. Shame on you. Though I know it was someone who plays BB mostly, since the GG/MB room didn't smell. I don't do shoutouts, but GGs WallJumpMan. Oh, that was when I was checking out Rod's octagon-gated stick. Thanks a bunch for pics and vids. PS. Honnou's arcade stick was the most hard-to-adapt stick I've ever used since MacArthur Blunts'. QFT. PS2. Speaking of GG, props to top NorCal BB players like DacidBro and CopperDabbits for even entering GG to support their scene. It was something I haven't seen in PNW for a very long time (and Wuku is an exception).
  10. woki

    [CS1] Mu-12 General Discussion Thread

    Just some CS2 notes after playing it... 2b-5b x N chain is gone; you can do 2b only once in your block string, 5b-2b-5b works but not 2b-5b-2b. D lasers firing slower in CS2 compared to CS1 is something that everyone should get used to. The new homing capability is nice though. Still. being able to mash 6b is great.
  11. Heh, I actually liked the GG commentaries. I'm actually a big fan of Spirit Juice's commentary since back when KenI was still around. Frankly speaking, I wanted the famous DacidBro to do the commentary along with Spirit Juice for GG, but I remember him saying in the stream "There won't be any DacidBro commentating on GG. I'll kill him if he does." LMAO Well, everyone from PNW should have known that we wouldn't get any home advantage, so it's totally understandable. PS. I'd like to see the full result + bracket for BB, if available.
  12. woki

    [CS1] Mu-12 General Discussion Thread

    I've got to look at the CS2 frame data for Mu and one thing caught my attention. 2C: ground hit has hit stun of 19f 6C: 20f startup It's somewhat sad that she can't do mid-screen knockdown against standing opponent (non-CH), just because it's one frame short... PS. Some notes that might be useful for CS1 players: 2C: 6f-16f head-invincibility 6A: 5f-14f head-invincibility 6B: 8f-23f foot-invincibility J.C: 4f landing recovery J.2C: 10f landing recovery 623C: 1f-18f full-body guard point against every type of attacks (does it mean invincible? lol) Also 236D has 46f startup...
  13. Here you go. Again, thanks for showing up. GG.
  14. Thanks to everyone who showed up and played GG at Aki-Con. I was the person who was running the GG tournament, grabbing people for GG matches, and getting people PS2 sticks/pads. I hope everyone had fun playing GG. Although I ended up DQing myself early in every game in order to run GG, I really had fun watching people play. Good job to everyone. By the way, I was the same guy who tried to cheese people with Valkenhayn in the BB tournament, and I played Valkenhayn for like 2 days just before the tournament. He was great. Now time for some salty shoutouts: Shoutout to Jais for being unable to SUPPORT THE SCENE (man...), but then, even if you showed up, I would've asked you to DQ yourself anyway, just like me and Wuku, because I wanted to reduce the number of matches and we were really running short on time with only one GG setup at the tournament. (Still, GG ran really fast. I love this game.) Shoutout to LOLsap for being the #1 faggot at the tournament. LOLsap: "Hey, can we just finish the finals so I can leave?" Me: "But we are waiting for MB finals to finish so that we can record GG final." LOLsap: *WHINING x N* Me: "How about this? I'll MM you for $5 right now and if you win then you can have my $5 (plus the prize for 3rd place after DQing yourself to leave), but if you lose, you don't have to give me anything. Result: HellSap didn't accept it and waited around for the finals. In the end, he lost to Tae in the losers final and got 3rd place anyway... LMAO. Man... *shakes head*
  15. I was going to actually write an article but I didn't have enough pictures to cover everything that happened for GG, so this will have to do. So this is Momo, the venue where SB:R took place. I think it's mainly a cafe but it pretty much has everything. I can't really explain. One thing I can say for sure is that they have really good bubble tea. I got there on Friday night and people were already playing GG casuals. Oh, I see one of twins in the picture. All of those tvs in the picture (and we had like 2 more, I think) were used for the GG tournament later, and one thing I really liked about SB:R was that we got our own area just for GG. Thanks a bunch to whoever's responsible for this. This is the main hall where SSF4 was set up. There were just so many people. Luckily, people never blocked the way to the bathroom. The best thing about SB:R was that they closed at 3am (supposedly), meaning you could really play all you wanted. I was going to play Tekken a little, but I had to play GG... you know. Another thing about SB:R was, because they stayed up so late (till like 4am? Man... those Marvel/SSF4 players...), things got delayed so much the following day... The store just wouldn't open on time, lol. The GG tournament was very competitive. There were so many strong players and the bracket wasn't that big, so you ended up playing against really good players early on. This one's Hellmonkey vs Cue, which happened very early in the tournament. This is JackG vs MikeZ, as if it was a color match. Btw, so far I've seen 4 players who'd only pick that green color. That's pretty much it. After I got eliminated in the singles, I just kept playing casuals, so there's no more picture and I didn't get to stay for finals. Btw, GG was pretty hype at SB:R with StickBug around, OMG. :thumbu:
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iikhOECY5A Btw, A3 was actually pretty nice in person, so I don't know why he talked trash on DL pissing off other people... Yes, he was being a ni....ce guy, lol. (This is South Seattle joke, btw) PS. I was somewhat rooting for his Johnny cause I just couldn't root for Pot or Eddie. You know...
  17. I didn't go to Evo but I just wanted to say that BlueNINE is my hero for talking shit to the guy who interrupted the grand final. Tae, the guy who recorded the match, told me all about it. I would've done the same if I were there. Two thumbs up.
  18. woki

    AC: Videos

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT6e_PHg7l0 I downloaded this video just because the dizzy player was she (and you can see her in the original Nico video) and the Potemkin player was Kusoru.
  19. woki

    Slayer AC match vids

    Let me share one video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HURvGCQSMAw It took me awhile to dig it out since it's a couple weeks old video, but yeah, this is AC Slayer...
  20. BBCS full result 1: spark (hakumen) 2: veteru (ragna) 3: huey253 (bang) 4: jais (noel) 5: tolore (arakune) 5: hellfromabove (arakune) 7: plastic chicken 7: wuku 9: stark 9: niggajoe 9: kaigu 9: tae seong kim 13: bohemian polka 13: osuna 13: robot 13: missedfrc 17: redefinition 17: haketh 17: tari 17: aaron pitman 17: digital watches 17: kwyjibo 17: blargster
  21. woki

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

    A-cho always post their videos on Nico, so if you have a Nico account, you can just type "ggxx a-cho" to search for every A-cho GG video on Nico. Let me just give you the link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm9582455
  22. woki

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

    Wait, so American teams are not shown at all? It's a good thing that I haven't purchased it yet. I should reconsider... After all, all I wanted to see are American teams and Kazuki.
  23. woki

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    I watched that Nico video and according to the comments, it is in favor of Hazama.