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  1. Next Boston Monthly is on the tenth btw I also hold meet-ups for people that met me before IRL and stuff sometimes during the week.
  2. Synyster17

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Critique Thread

    Hi guys. I need help becoming a better sol, a better player, etc. Any advice here is welcome thank you. I am Nick_985 if commentary and sound bother you then mute
  3. if u are in the NE area we have an anime FB page and a Discord group
  4. Hi everyone. there is an event in Framingham that is hosting a fighting game tournament for games like SF4, UMVC3, GGXRD, and more. if you are interested in going please text me or contact me on twitter (@whitedeath_9999). I know I am personally driving and am going to boston and maybe Randolph to put people up, but I have some more spots in my car incase transportation is a trouble. thank you all and happy holidays! smile emoticon heart emoticon the event is the 19th i think btw
  5. Synyster17

    Persona 4 Arena Q&A Thread

    can someone link me arc revo 2015 persona finals? thanks
  6. someone post in the FB group. i want to try to get something this weekend happening in case someone is interested. i live near brockton about a 5 minute walk from it but i can drive and have a car. probably can't do this at my house btw
  7. were all close to boston right? maybe would could do something next weekend maybe
  8. they have monthly events at gameunderground sometimes that i go to. last time there was i think an man xrd tournament. (still salty about my place)
  9. are you really in Randolph? like phsyically in there. I live in the city next to you. hit me up i know some people who play ggxrd who would love to play with others
  10. Synyster17

    [CPEX] Azrael - Video Thread

    Made a video about Full Screen to corner combos with 50 meter and side swaps with no meter. just a quick 1 minute video. nothing here is 100% optimal or anything this is just what i found after messing with him for about 1 hour focusing about this topic
  11. Synyster17

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    someone help me with sb lion. ground sb lion 2a works right im not getting it at all. is it character specif or corner spec? whats the combo after it? thx
  12. My mans have some faith plzzzz anyway has anyone heard how low Blitz takes to activate? the one where you charge up and it rejects all moves.
  13. move list. elp's reversal got changed to the h button now instead of d http://www.ggxrd.com/pg2/command_list.php
  14. only a picture will show us the truth