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  1. Stealthizm

    [VS] General Discussion

    You can let me know when you're available!
  2. Stealthizm

    [VS] General Discussion

    Saw that Anakaris thread. One post of MightyMar taking the whole page! Thanks D.Byte!
  3. Stealthizm

    [VS] General Discussion

    Thank you! As for Qbee, it's good to try everyone out. That way, your main(s) become more familiar against your opponents
  4. Stealthizm

    [VS] General Discussion

    Found Vsav XBL! Thank you!
  5. Stealthizm

    [VS] General Discussion

    Is it possible to send me link? I'm having trouble searching it :/
  6. Stealthizm

    [VS] General Discussion

    Very glad indeed!
  7. Stealthizm

    [VS] General Discussion

    We surely will! I'll add you JINXHAND! This is better than looking for anyone in Rank Matches! I always see tumbleweeds rolling past me when I'm searching for opponents XD!
  8. Stealthizm

    [VS] General Discussion

    My main is Anakaris! I was inspired by watching MightyMar attend at the UFGT7 on Youtube! Shortly after, Chikyuu just blew my mind! I'm always looking for Darkstalkers in this rotating world. Download Byte is one of my main rivals! My first post ever! If you feel where I'm coming from, let's lobby Good to meet you as well Taiyaki0! Someday, I'll be on GGPO PS: Download Byte mentioned Taiyaki0 to me lol! That's how I found you! May we have more fights And thank you Download Byte for leading me into the family! For Darkstalkers, will never die!