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  1. Does anybody know about pre-order colors? Like, am i able to get them for PS3? Cause i still cant see a game in the store
  2. Do those colors have unique code in each copy of a magazine? Or 1 person can share that code with anyone to redeem?
  3. Was CF japan comsole release moved to November?
  4. Please tell, do we have a high-resolution pack of new CF ART anywhere? (characters, posters, etc)
  5. Remind me please, with an expirience of previous BB releases, JPN CF will supposedly cost around 2k ¥, not more?
  6. Do we have tier-lists from famous players for CF?
  7. Dont u think guys, that those brownish sword u argue about, is Jin`s still? But that part of poster just has some red\brown color reflex affecting it. Its the same - Noel`s gun edge has red hue, its just not that intence.
  8. Capablanca

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Excuse me, but where are the videos from 19-20 September locktest? Or there will be NO videos, just twitter posts impressions?
  9. Hello! I have a question about 1/4+ABC OS. Do I need to press and hold it? Cause I sometimes get Throw reject miss during pressure maybe it's because I sometimes mash this combination instead of holding? I just also got used to barrier-ib, during block strings, so my input maybe a little messy So please tell me how exactly I should do? Just hold during pressure? Or does it work only on wake up? also is there fuzzy-jump OS so I can jump out during holes in pressure?
  10. Capablanca

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Seems like Tao stuff. Can someone please help with translation? EGO ‏@egokaka Jul 18View translation タオカカ 6A、5Cガード時jc可 2B硬直増 6B猫22Aカルルに確認 3C(3)の浮き高く、必キャン可に。3C猫1繋がる 立ちくらい5C6C、2C6C繋がらず 立ちくらい5CJAJC確認 ねこっとびJCがねこっとびJBの下位互換として使われそう 猫3溜めで中段 #BBCF EGO ‏@egokaka Jul 18View translation タオカカその2 5Cのヒット硬直減少。補正次第で屈5C6Cや空中5CJC等が繋がりづらく 6C空chで中央壁バン ゆにぞん壁バンせず。CP1の性能? J攻撃すべてjc可 J攻撃ガトリングの変更。JCからは猫2しか出せず。J2BからJBJCが出た…はず。再確認求む #BBCF EGO ‏@egokaka Jul 19View translation タオカカその3(コンボ関連) ヘキサ、メタギタdm2400くらい J2Dが強制ダウン 中央密着3C猫3繋がる。3C猫3hjJCJ2DA2B5ChjJBJCJCJ2DA2B~とかできた 空くらい猫3が少しバウンド。3C猫3アンコ繋がらず 3CねこっとびJC繋がらず #BBCF みずか み ‏@mizukami_snake Jul 19View translation タオカカBBCFロケテ ヒット時J2B>JBとJ2B>JCは確認。ガード時でも出るよね多分 3C>猫1>4Dと3C>猫1>ねこっとびJAは多分無理かな……4D早くなってるけど 中央3C>猫1>5Dから拾おうとしてみたけど5DBからも5D6~も厳しそうだった。端専用のパーツ? EGO ‏@egokaka Jul 19View translation タオカカ追記 DE同技は無い(表示されてないだけか?)体感でも同技ついてない気が 3C猫15DBですごい運ぶ。拾えるか? #BBCF
  11. Would someone record that locktest stream and upload it to youtube or smthg?
  12. Ure right, that was cat jump and then that move, but if u input 214D and keep charging 2, u can then do 8D and get this move, why not? I just dont understand why they didnt listed that move in that pdf, whats the sense? so i assume its [2]8D air OK too
  13. I honestly think that movelist is complete and input is [2]8D, it just got new animation and properties (( Donno what that move does now, we only could see it got countered by Bang`s drive. Would be nice if its new overhead or maybe even command throw :3333 Anyways Tao had that [2]8D very situational and rare-to-use move, nice to replace it with something solid. Same for 22C, total trash Very hope Tao would get really buffed, some solid oki`s please, damahe buff, really hope she will remain in top -____- At least she got the most nice char art compared to previous BB games, and one of the best overall in CF
  14. I really hope Arakune will get significant buff and become top tier again, cause its totally unfair when dumbass easy chars like Ragna are popular and widely played, winning without any effort, screw this