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  1. that name is pretty cool though
  2. I don't they care much about not-Japan.
  3. One of the crucial pieces of information I feel is very difficult to find (about GG at least) is how fight against each character. The MU threads help with character-specific stuff, but in general, a huge chunk of defending against a character is not character-specific but system-wide mechanics that anybody has access to. Posts like this are what I'm talking about, but they're few and far between (maybe because its stuff GG vets take for granted? I dunno).
  4. @gamester: it would reduce the number of MU threads but again recreate the existing problem of having more than one place do discuss just one MU. You mention "Info can be discussed on that thread between users of all characters and info can be taken and posted to other boards' similar thread if need be" but why create a organizational system where such a thing would be required in the first place?
  5. I was thinking one thread per unique match-up, i.e., one thread for Sol vs. Millia (where presently there are two: one in the Millia subforum and one in the Sol subforum). Just having a "Sol Match-up Thread" "Millia Match-up Thread" etc. would recreate one of the current problems which is the discussion on ONE match-up (Sol vs. Millia, in this example) occurring in two separate places (both the Sol MU thread AND the Millia MU thread).
  6. Random criticisms and ideas: Reputation systems: they are bad and rightfully on the decline. Rather than responding to the quality of a post itself, a rep system just tempts people to dismiss the opinions of others without actually evaluating the merits of their point. Listing number of posts under your name: dumb for the same reason that rep systems are dumb. How many posts people have made doesn’t necessarily relate to the quality of their argument. Role of the wiki vs. ‘informational’ threads: there’s too much effort being put forth to ‘curate’ informational threads (character x’s combo thread, video thread, etc.) which stifles discussion. The wiki is for clean curated vetted information. Let people talk more freely and more people will talk more often. Loosen up in the forums a bit. Over-compartmentalization: in general, there are WAY too many subforums for the amount of posting that occurs on dustloop. For example, there are subforums for each character’s match-ups so there’s a thread in the Zato match-up subforum for Zato vs. Faust and there’s a separate thread in the Faust match-up subforum for the exact same match up. The former has a bunch of Zato players talking in a vacuum about the match-up while the latter has Faust players talking in a vacuum about the same match-up. Why isn’t there a single thread where Zato players AND Faust players would go to debate about the match-up together? Aside from the discussion being a single consolidated place, having both sides (i.e., people who main each of the characters involved) in a single place would generate better information AND more of it. Seriously- just have a grid or something: I made it in like 5 min in google docs, but you get the idea. Clicking on a the diamond would be bring you to the relevant match-up discussion. Have the diamond changed to a star or something if there are new posts since you last checked. If you leave your mouse over a star for a second, a tool-tip pops up telling you how many new posts, who made the most recent post and when, etc.
  7. The arcsys international release schedule affects the fun of the game (for me at least). Releases being significantly delayed for you region = discovery phase of the game happens elsewhere. It's more fun to be in on the ground floor.