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  1. faultydefense

    AC+R: Chipp Combos

    Been away for 2 years, decided to dust off this game for CEOtaku this weekend. Ended up spending like 30 minutes trying to record a new combo. "Combo N" is the new one, everything else is over 2 years old. It's mostly combo vid stuff not to be used in matches but you can see a lot of stuff link that you might not expect if you go through the playlist.
  2. faultydefense

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    every time you push your stick away from your opponent while not in the middle of an attack you'll get an FD which will kill your meter gain
  3. faultydefense

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    its actually pretty easy for the mid and heavy weights, you can do that same combo i posted, just try to do the last part as late as you can minus the K dive and it will still give knockdown as long as you didnt start it with an air string or some punches. Lightweights are a different matter, partly because you have to do the combo juuust right (usually delay the first ffvcl a tad) to even have them low enough for the hcl. Tested on may and millia and its possible if you use the ender; sj.S>sj.H > p dive > airdash > p dive > p dive, but again you have to be juuust right about everything. Wouldn't try that in a match on those characters. Luckily both may and millia are really wide in the air so you can just do a normal jump follow up and get the normal p dive ender fairly easily on them. Would still probably save my swag for the midweights though ~also... you're right, if im being super aware i should use c.s to finish more...but it seems when its clutch time i always get f.s, they tech in my face, and i die
  4. faultydefense

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    I think it was this thread where we talked about one of the jp ino players using mid-combo hcl instead of the normal vcl. I messed around with it a little bit and actually ended up usually getting more damage out of hcl, havent done the proration math as to why. the damage is really negligible (1 point in this combo) however what i really noticed was that using hcl mid combo was usually easier as it seemed to keep the opponent higher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzYdpmok2us for axl I needed to delay the very first vcl just a tad to make sure he was high enough for the last part of the combo. When I used hcl I didn't have to worry about delaying anything as axl was just naturally higher. I think it may be because it hit faster or recovered faster, not entirely sure but it's overall easier and i'll be looking to use it more when I don't need the forward momentum of vcl (keeps you from looping it like in the vcl loops, or if you're just not close enough to hit c.s follow-up without it) other stuff that came out of the lab this weekend, including an fdc setup since that was being talked about. IMO its strongest by itself, example: sweep...fdc hi/low on wake-up. She has so many ways to go high, you have to threaten the low whenever you can. She has to be pretty deep to get something off 2k usually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpVZZ43m6UY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nliv_8FltzI i've got a few older vids in my channel but i haven't been training as much as I should so I'm just stealing tech from mynus until then fdc is really really great though, fdc 2k is like the fastball that makes the rest of her breaking pitches really move
  5. faultydefense

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Just happened to be messing around with it myself... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sTdj2ud9S8 the combos are nothing new, just needed to come up with something to show a friend who asked if FDC was worth learning
  6. BLACKSNAKE! tell him we gotta rematch. @watches, depending on how this region thing goes I might be part of team louisiana but if not i'll submit my resume to portland . I'll be trying to get in all the gear i can @xaq, i'm coming for revenge for last NEC, and from what I recall, alive or dead, doren still had 9th place reserved
  7. Damn, i don't think i'm bringing enough texas for this, but maybe i could be honorary NC again... and yes...baking...
  8. of course sir. No trip through philly is complete without the NY gauntlet
  9. @mynus, yo I got you GG FT5 for 10 or 20$, might as well be tradition same to biscuits, and hey I don't block so it's free right?
  10. some guy beats his justice and every argument except baiken has been discredited you will use macros now, or you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage, fucking love nailing 1f throw > super 100% of the time with chipp. Actually played some mirrors last night and almost felt bad after the other guy tried to do it and ate death combos for being a frame off. I remember just a month ago I was telling myself even after all these years I needed to just sit and practice on my reversal timings...Pfft, why bother now. I hope everyone reads this thread, practices using macros, has people to play against that know how to use the macros, pick justice and let them practice escaping it before NEC... not even gonna try to bother arguing if it breaks a character
  11. 2 button dps is probably the biggest flaw in the persona engine and I dont dislike that game
  12. the glitch is the dick and you want everyone to eat it
  13. I set aside my taunt (in between punch and dust) and i've been playing around practicing using it and it really is super easy reversals, so much that i dont have to think about the timing anymore. I have PKS set to it and already its great for doing reversal perfect betas and instant air alphas. This is not something I have to practice or think about now...just getting used to the glitch will change some of the way you play... GRANTED you probably need to be more precise on the motions than we've let on, but it throws timing out the window and nets you the best case scenario every time also if you do fuck up the IAA motion it nets you a ground rekka which combos. if you fuck it up normally you might alpha too high or go flying somewhere which is usually how I end up dying...so this makes it safer as well as stronger
  14. edit holy shit this works and its perfect... (actually i still find it easier to 2369 but the macro makes it way easier cuz you just hit and hold it as soon as you think the game read your jump)
  15. dammit you're right (edit) as for the anji thing, ya that would help a tiny bit but the timing is very dynamic and requires you to visually judge the distance extremely well. Doing what was done in the previously posted video, butterfly ad-infinitum is not humanly possible (like if the opponent was actually trying to do ANYTHING) and you're gonna have to prove otherwise before you argue it is.