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  1. So I've been looking around for a Revelator changelog, and I can't find anything. Did they not change the characters, or do we just not have any information yet?
  2. Chumaralupa

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    I'm not sure if this was mentioned yet, but Tapatalk cannot connect to the forums any longer, I hope this gets re-implemented some day because I literally spent 3 bucks on that app just for this forum awhile back. Other than that, site looks nice.
  3. Oh yeah, I guess I was actually OSing a FD or throw. Either way I don't wanna throw out a 6P while I'm sitting in pressure, unless you're talking about an offensive OS, but then I'm not sure if I want to be doing normal throws anyways.
  4. I wouldn't put too much effort into the YRC OS atm since it's being removed in 1.1. Also, I throw OS with 4P+HS because getting a 10 frame normal when they're on me isn't a good idea to me. I'd rather have my fastest normal.
  5. The fuck? I understand wanting to remove various J.D loops, which I believe this will do........ but making sword activations, which were already slow as shit, even slower? Green Daruo stricter? Arcsys please, you might as well change I-No's Chemical Loves back to an overdrive input. Are these changes final?
  6. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    Most likely it means "A change for 5B: New gatling route added", aka a way to gatling into 5B that didn't exist before.
  7. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    I think the only nerf was the startup and untechable time on her j.C, also does anyone know of those cannon loops still work? I think somebody mentioned it getting removed in the last update.
  8. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    Oh, lol. That makes sense. Cool though, but they should have just made the new 2C into a 3C, unless there's an issue with that I'm not seeing.
  9. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    I'm lost, is there an update hitting the arcade version for P4U2?
  10. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    I'm so glad this is a thing.
  11. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    SB Spear is SO real, I dunno why they wouldn't use it. I'm gonna use it as my reversal of choice :D
  12. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    Yeah, I do have some ideas for air resets with Orion, but a lot of the air resets I know about are beaten by neutral air techs, which a lot of seasoned GG and BB players do from experience. Definitely a good way to condition people though. You're right about Orgia dash through being able to get out of some unblockable setups, although we're already blessed by a wakeup backdash option lol. I still think that Hover is just not worth the meter it uses, Aigis' mixup was already the best, I don't think it needs much help. Maybe you'll understand how clunky it feels to me once you get ahold of the game. Since Orgia meter charges up slower than in Vanilla I've been trying to be much more conservative with it than I used to be, so I really have a hard time condoning the use of hover as a mixup tool.
  13. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    Sorry for the late reply, as my time here is nearing the end, I've not had much time to visit the arcade. Anyways, 5AA into double boost doesn't work, but in Orgia mode you can either do a air-turn jb crossup and try to make it ambiguous, or go for a diagonal downwards orgia boost crossup which is slightly harder to time. Hover canceling doesn't feel like the gem we want it to be, and honestly feels like a waste of orgia meter that could be used otherwise. If you're on the ground and do a forward Orgia dash (66) you can hover cancel a jB or whatever, but at that height doing another jB will extend Aigis' hitbox far enough down that you'll land cancel before the move becomes active. This can be kinda useful for doing Hover into a low though because opponent may try to react to the jB animation coming out and instinctively block high. Hover canceling at that height does let jA hit for 1 or 2 hits though (not sure what the consistency issue was) which will let you land and connect a 5A into whatever you want. Doing a full jump in jB into hover cancel will let you do another jB if you want but you'd better be like right on top of them or the first jB will push them too far away for the second to hit. Her new Orgia straight through dash (jAB) is just annoying, and I've yet to find a really good use for it yet, it's only purpose so far is to accidentally come out when I get...... Extra sloppy on my inputs, and fuck me up. You CAN dash through bursts with it if you see it coming, but there's very few times I can think of where you couldn't just jump cancel instead and save the Orgia meter. I suppose though that maybe it's a way to get past zoning tools? It's recovery just feels so obnoxious that I'd rather not use it. The training mode in arcade will be getting a nice update on the 16th but I won't be here anymore for that, so at the moment training mode is pretty limited in what you can test, especially since I can't make them block. One last interesting thing I've noticed is that, in P4U1 when I started combos with a 5A, jB, throw or Fatal AoA I could only tack on one jB after an EX Megido before ending the combo with a D Megido. Now I'm able to do a full jB->jBjC->D Megido off of 5A starters and jB starter. So now in the corner off of a 5A I can get almost 4k with just an EX Megido and a little over 3k midscreen with EX Megido. Definitely excited for the console release to try a bunch of other combo path options without having to put in a dollar every 5 minutes lol. I doubt I'll be able to make it to the arcade again before I leave, but I hope this answered a few questions. I think if I do have a chance to hop in quickly again I'll see if 5AA Orgia dash hover cancel turn around orgia dash for the double crossup waste-of-meter-yolo-swag-mix-up works But yeah, the game is awesome, messing around with Shadow Berzerk combos with aigis is fun as well although the 80% damage nerf to Shadow characters is sorta demoralizing and makes a lot of the possibilities pointless. But maybe the small buff they're getting on the 16th will help.
  14. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    So far her options have felt the same as P4U1, but I will try these things out next time I stop by. TBH so far I haven't even attempted Orion even once in a real match but I do have a couple of ideas for a tech punish with it.
  15. Chumaralupa

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    Anyone have any questions about Aigis they want tested before I leave Nipponland?