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  1. We Met at EVO2014 didn't we?

  2. That leaves us with contacting Atticus. If that doesn't work, then I might be able to get something to work.

  3. ...Godspeed to our tournament organizers. We really don't appreciate them enough.
  4. I'm going to this because LPT thinks that there's a Melty Blood tournament... Edit: Apparently the denizens of IRC have set up an MB tournament! This thread title is misleading.
  5. I will be going, and I will be bringing such local legends as LPT, ZOOB, J-ROCK, AND GROOVY MANGO. You mean you play GG because it's a GG, baby baby
  6. "This place shall become your grave!" ::crashes car:: Will there be Casuals/Whysuals this week? I need a catharsis and I don't know where else to do it.
  7. We understand. I'll be at Whysengard so I may review my geometry homework with everyone.
  8. I had fun too! Since we can't possibly be talking about all the times that Tales is the one being antagonized, I assuming we're talking about Seth. Even completely disregarding the apologies/clarifications/hugs that were made at the end of the Denny's excursion, I firmly believe that Seth (and everyone else at the table for that matter) are mature enough to speak up for themselves if they dislike how others are treating them. There's no need for any sort of white-knighting when it was clarified that no harm was done.
  9. I wouldn't want to see him run out of meter on the highway. ...But anyway, yes Danny, you should make the effort to come out to casuals (wherever they may be) more often.
  10. I'm making a shout-outs post...? Glitch: Thanks for the gift. Fraga: Thanks for the ~fabulous~ gift. Seth: Thanks for bearing with my beary unbearable navigation skills, but seriously, stop stealing my ideas! Katz: We're not ordering the nacho's ever again. I hope we can agree on this. Tales: Cheese: I hope you like the artwork! Now you can mash with finesse~ Thanasis/Byron: GG's in BB. You should definitely make it out to more of these, one Pokemon master might say your Bang is TOO POWERFUL!!! LPT: Unfortunately I didn't get to play you in anything, but GG's in real life/conversation. Lazy: Do you want some making FUC BerserKAR!...? Why: Thanks for hosting, and I apologize for the scratches I accidentally left on your table. I suppose just be glad I wasn't using your chest to cut the artwork. Highlight of my night: Using Maxima's st.D to autoguard through Kyo's NEOMAX and hit him for the kill. BOOTS TO ASSES!
  11. Likewise, happy Thanksgiving to all. To everyone helping their family make a turkey, remember to GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF THE OVEN!!! I would have told the turkey to DIE IN A FIRE, but it was already dead. I will be attending Whysengard/Why Temple/Mike's House on Saturday, whenever work decides to let me leave to do better things. I'm surprised your parents are sensible and wary of your safety. I'm pretty sure Nuclear Cheese just found Tales walking home one day from school and told him that he would play games with him if he got in the car. To those who haven't gotten The King of Fighters XIII yet, I would strongly recommend not only forgetting that XII existed, but actually purchasing KoF XIII. My day one impression is that it not only has certain gameplay elements that are applicable to today's fighting game players (e.g NEOMAX super ~ comeback mechanic), but rewards certain kinds of forethought (e.g saving meter(s) FOR the NEOMAX super, team order, USING NORMALS TO CONTROL SPACE MY GOD) that allows a more calculated player to be successful. This combined with a system where an understanding of the movement options available and momentum is highly emphasized makes for a fast-paced, offense-oriented game with strategic elements that work hand-in-hand with one another. Not to mention that the sprite work is outstanding, the soundtrack is fantastic, and there are actual modes such as trial, time attack, mission, story, etc. I haven't tried the online though, but I'm certain that it's at the very least passable.
  12. Sign me up for GG, MB, and BB. I have one (http://us.toshiba.com/tv/lcd/32c110u), although how "lagless" it is in game mode has not been tested. General impressions have overall been positive, and in my personal opinion it's comparable to the Asus Evo monitor. It even has a bigger screen (32"). The speakers sound like an original Game Boy, but that should be of no concern. I'll be bringing it in any case, so even if you just need another set up to help BB not last until midnight, it'll be there.
  13. Address is 401 Talcottville Road, Apartment 58, Vernon, CT. Please park in a spot that is not marked by a number.
  14. http://www.twitch.tv/patchuri Jon's stream channel for all occasions. We're streaming right now!