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  1. it was only in the first rev2 location test, they got rid of it immediately after
  2. makes sense, ranpo and hishigata also teamed up for struggle overture last year.
  3. fairly certain the nanase on the winning team was hishigata, I think he changed his name to a girls und panzer reference for a bit
  4. yo isuka is amazing what are you talking about
  5. totally not examu, guys
  6. No actual product page yet.
  7. this is hella examu
  8. Tough call. Of course, I've played Xrd the most so it's the one I'm most comfortable with. At the same time, I really enjoy watching/playing AC and +R and feel like they're the more interesting games.
  9. For canceling normals into specials, the majority of the time you want to already be buffering a charge before or during a normal's animation. In cases where you're not really moving around, it helps to input crouched normals as 1/downback and standing as 4/back instead of just hitting the button. It's a bit weirder when you get to characters that have forward and up charges like Saki and Vatista, but the same generally applies to them as well. Some normals are long enough for you to actually start charging immediately after you hit the button (Saki 5C), and depending on the game you might even have time to buffer two normals and charge between them (something like May c.S > 5H > either dolphin special - input by hitting the two buttons in succession and holding down or downback immediately after the second button, while the first normal's animation starts). As for the other end of the charge, that shouldn't be too different from finding a normal's special cancel window with any other character. Mostly game dependent - I'm really inconsistent with special canceling Saki's 2C (like 2C > [6]4C) because I'm used to May's 2D having an absurdly long cancel window. The charge characters I play have fairly generous cancel windows (definitely May moreso than Saki) and relatively short charge times (about 30f for both iirc). It felt really weird to play characters with longer charge times (Guile/Nash, Vatista) but I also didn't really try getting used to them. on a side note, I think all of Anna's charges were changed to half circles in the latest patch of N+B. that probably doesn't matter if it's not in the console versions yet, but that's the case for the PC version.
  10. Steam version has arrived at $29.99 USD with a 10% launch week discount. Additionally, if you own Skullgirls, you get a 25% off coupon that stacks with the launch discount. The game should only cost $20.24 after that. The PC version of the game is, according to the examu_PR twitter account, 1.09 - meaning it's actually ahead of arcades and consoles! Netcode seems stable enough, depending on your region. People have reported some control binding issues, mostly on keyboard.
  11. I can usually find at least one room in my general area at varying times of the day, but it's definitely far less active than it was at release. You might also have to enable UPnP in your router settings (if you haven't already) to see or even join some rooms.
  12. a screwdriver, photoshop, and a paypal account
  13. SKD tested the legacy controller input lag, forgot how much he said it was though
  14. oh yeah steam version's out in case people didn't see