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  1. ChexGuy

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/unist/game/images/unist_refine_320.pdf Patch 3.20 notes, no translations just yet. Though someone did translate a line as "hurtbox reduced" - searching for this line says it shows up in the PDF a whopping 130 times.
  2. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/151450/ No actual product page yet.
  3. ChexGuy

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    a screwdriver, photoshop, and a paypal account http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=23
  4. ChexGuy

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    oh yeah steam version's out in case people didn't see
  5. ChexGuy

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/452510 July 12th
  6. ChexGuy

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    "soon" maybe it'll be right after the summer sale ends like Neptunia.
  7. ChexGuy

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/unist/game/images/unist_refine.pdf changelog?
  8. ...why wouldn't it be? it's just a Hori RAP V.Hayabusa with different art
  9. ChexGuy

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    I just want any version of Keep Yourself Alive that isn't III.
  10. well...considering the stick was an ebten exclusive, I wouldn't expect to see it in other web stores.
  11. ChexGuy

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    well...do Fatal Duel, No Mercy, and Still in the Dark count? :P
  12. I think there was an updated Ebten Sanwa stick announced earlier, but it might have been just artwork.
  13. I wouldn't expect Dizzy before EVO.
  14. ChexGuy

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    Thanks! Arrange Tracks Plus is the last disc from the Sound Complete Box with the re-arrangements. Black Soul is Zato's original theme, it didn't get re-arranged.
  15. Kurushii got them already.