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  1. Swords have shorter recovery, she got some new cancel off pk, normal sildo has same hitstun as CH
  2. Sol's basically unchanged, Pot can combo off throw RRC, Jam got a bunch of small things, Ram got something, Johnny Sin Elph got hit hard.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wQCUg76484
  4. Rigging is expensive. Being able to use the same rig and a lot of the overall looks would inevitably help keep costs down. Not as much as for SF4 or MK or something, but still.
  5. This deserves some highlighting. Coming from KOF, the amount of matchup-specific minutiae you have to learn is insane in comparison.
  6. I wonder how much momentary green flashing we will see at EVO :P
  7. What about Melee being a game you play with an aggressive attitude is so hard to believe?
  8. That nap comment brought something to mind that I've been meaning to ask: It's odd to me how people look down on Melee - and by people, I mean anime and KOF players here - when it's so similar to the kinds of games they enjoy a lot. Fast, high freedom of movement, really aggressive pace and attitude, strong pressure game, all hallmarks of most anime and KOF games. Why is a game that plays out a lot like the ones you like nap worthy? (question aimed at everyone here)
  9. For clarification: I was mostly talking about input leniency, not the increased buffer. There's a point where buffers become too much and the game ceases to feel sharp, but the new buffer addition isn't there. I just want games to force clean input.
  10. I'm not thrilled by the added input leniency. Breeds bad habits and execution that doesn't transfer as well between games.
  11. Japan and US releases use different patch numbers.
  12. No no no no. Castrated strawberries and Leo as an actual character ;__;
  13. One of the best feelings when learning a game are exchanges like: Player A: "That move has Stupid/Broken/Annoying Property X?" Player B: "Yeah. Wait, your character has Tool Z too?" Player A: "Yeah." Then you realize one or both of the characters are low tier. When low tier does bs/scary things, you know it's time to check if the universal defenses are in order and if they are, to smile.
  14. You can buy reverse DLC which deletes Chipp and Leo from the game and locks Elph to 1.0 stats.
  15. Coffeeling

    [Xrd 1.10] Elphelt Video Thread

    I've seen berry bounced by jabs and Faust f.5S, so it's just a matter of having some priority on the button.