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    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Birthday illustrations of Mai:
  2. Leiopelma

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Image being offered alongside volume 2 of Variable Heart:
  3. Leiopelma

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Also here's a Makoto figurine:
  4. Leiopelma

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    FREEing will be making a Mai figurine:
  5. Leiopelma

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Here's a high resolution scan of the front cover of the first volume of Variable Heart I found on Amazon:
  6. Your histrionics are both ridiculously over the top and completely off-topic, plus you've been at them for months. We get it; you despise Mori with every fiber of your being and think Jubei not being playable is both a tragedy and a form of torture. I think everyone here is extremely well aware of these facts. Endlessly complaining in this thread isn't going to achieve anything though; it's not as if there are ArcSys representatives reading your complaints and forwarding them to Mori. So if you would be so kind, would you please just drop this?
  7. Are you really only seeing one post per page? And having the same complaint repeated endlessly does get tiresome. If Jubei got added and ended up being the Yoda or the Neco Arc of Blazblue then he would be an outright detriment to the game. It's pretty obvious that Jubei has been skipped 35 times already precisely because ArcSys can't figure out how to make him work within the game due to his small size and they don't want to drastically alter his appearance in order to add him to the roster. By the way, how would you feel if Jubei got added with a tiny hitbox and almost every BB fan ended up hating him as a result?
  8. I like Mai's astral. It looks pretty impressive:
  9. One of the strengths of Blazblue has been its unique setting. There are already a million franchises set in present/near future Japan but with magic, so abandoning the main Blazblue setting would seem like a pretty bad idea to me. There could be more Bloodedge Experience LNs in the future, but I really don't see any games taking place there.
  10. I think you're overanalyzing Amane's Astral. These transformations aren't serious; it's not as if Tager used to be a toy robot or Hakumen used to be Pakumen. And some of them are downright misleading; e.g. Hazama and Kazuma were different people, as were Saya Terumi and Ragna's sister. I bet they had Mai turn into her student self as a nod to Remix Heart rather than because they wanted to suggest that Mai as a boy and Mai as a girl are different people. Mai considers herself to be the same person as before.
  11. Here are the Astrals of Amane and Relius on Mai. Interesting that they went with Mai when she was an academy student; I guess they didn't want to show what she was like before that.
  12. ArcSys like to stagger their announcements and releases, which makes sense since that way people less likely to overlook some of them. If Jubei does gets added I'm extremely doubtful that they'll announce him before Mai is out, since that would steal her thunder.
  13. Jyosua wrote a document describing Mai's moves and posted some additional comments on his twitter account.
  14. The serious answer is that the kanji for "gallia sphyra" means "crimson bullet/sphere". The name vermilion is a reference to the fact the spear is red. The description of Mai's astral makes it sound similar to the ultimate attack of Lancer from Fate/Stay Night, which was an attack involving him running towards his enemy, jumping high in the air and throwing his spear with enough power to destroy an area containing up to 40 enemies.
  15. Here's the name and description of Mai's Astral. 朱臨「緋蓮蒼朔耶」(しゅりん「ひれんそうさくや」) 広範囲の薙ぎ払い攻撃を行い、上空から超強力な槍投げで相手を葬ります。 From what I can gather it's called "Shurin (hiren sousakuya)" meaning "Vermilion Confrontation"? And the description says that it's an attack that destroys its target with a super-powerful javelin throw from the sky that mows down everything within a vast range. Can anyone fluent in Japanese confirm/deny any of this?