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  1. Perhaps Trinity's plan will get explained later. Maybe she was planning to share that body with another soul but because she found two children that needed a new body decided to put them in there instead. But this body is a two-seater. Something I found interesting is that the system being called LunaSena means that Luna and Sena are not the names of the children whose souls got put into Bell's body. It seems that the original identities of these children have been lost completely. This might also explain why Luna and Sena remained in a single body. Their body is meant to house two souls and they don't really mind sharing a body.
  2. It seems that the manga will be focusing a fair bit on Platinum's backstory. Which I suppose makes a certain amount of sense, since we never saw that in the games themselves. Sounds like Bell is desinged to house two souls. My guess is that she needs to receive two souls in order to get the LunaSena system up and running, which would fit with what we know from the games. Presumably we'll be seeing Trinity the souls of two children to fulfill the roles of Luna and Sena later. Bell's current personality is what emerged in order to defend the PFD but I guess it will disappear before that happens.
  3. Here's the preview of the next chapter. It's nice to see Mai using one of her distortions. I wonder if Fuzzy will end up dying; my guess is probably not because they won't want to have Mai be a killer. If Fuzzy ends up crippled by Mai's attack perhaps Meifang will finish him off.
  4. Yeah, it made me think that Fuzzy is an artificial vampire created by the NOL. I suppose it could be Relius who did it. But of course neither Clavis nor Rachel are really "natural" either. Clavis was created by an unnamed human and he in turn created Rachel. There doesn't seem to be a race of vampires in BB just are there doesn't seem to be a race of werewolves. The examples that exist are unique entities. Fair enough, it's possible that Outseal predates the Prime Field War, since Kajun doesn't explicitly state it was created at that time. But the Izayoi we see in XBlaze looks very different and has very different abilities from the Izayoi in Blazblue. And the latter Izayoi is called an Armagus instead of a Legacy Weapon. The Xblaze and main BB worlds diverged long after the creation of Izayoi, so both worlds should have originally had the same weapon. I suppose that Nine might have radically modified it and turned it into an Armagus, but even if that were the case, the two are now pretty different. PS: Regarding the final adjustments that need to be done on Outseal that Kajun mentioned in chapter 3, my guess is that they have to take place next to a Cauldron and that's the reason they're going to Kagutsuchi.
  5. Are you referring to the original Izayoi? Because the Izayoi that Tsubaki uses is an Armagus whose design was based on the original. Nine was said in CF to have based the construction of the Noxes on Legacy Weapons created during the Prime Field War in order to fight PFDs. It's why Ragna thinks that Outseal is similar to a Nox in chapter 10, which causes Kajun to say that it's Noxes that are similar to Legacy Weapons. And Kajun's comment in chapter 3 about Legacy Weapons being created to fight beings on a higher existence must be a reference to the Prime Field War. What source do you have that Hihiirokane was made before that war by the way? All I remember seeing in Phase Shift is that it had been passed down in Jubei's village for generations. You have nothing to base that claim on. There's no reason to think that the Immortal Breaker ability of Outseal is different from that of Izayoi. If you want something that makes Izayoi special, it's its power to deploy a barrier that blocks Observation.
  6. It's interesting to see that Mai's spear has the ability to kill immortals like the Izayoi. Outseal has a very powerful ability, I think that makes sense since it was designed during the Prime Field War in order to kill PFDs. I suppose that the fact it could have potentially been used to kill Noel during CF never came up because none of the characters who wanted to kill Noel knew of its abilities. People like Jin, Hakumen or Hibiki knew of Izayoi and tried to obtain that in order to kill Noel instead. The fight has been going of for 3 chapters so far and will probably end next chapter. I don't think that 4 chapters is particularly long.
  7. Also here's a Makoto figurine:
  8. FREEing will be making a Mai figurine:
  9. Here's the summary for chapter 9: http://amatsumugi89.tumblr.com/post/156980213618/blazblue-variable-heart-chapter-9-kajun-tells If found this to be an interesting action-filled chapter. Fuzzy is really powerful since he's able to take on all the other characters including Ragna. Nice to learn that the dragon in Mai's stage is the one summoned by Fuzzy and I'm looking forward to seeing Mai use Outseal. Also, it seems that the Azure is able to influence Mai since she got entranced by it and Bell had to snap her out of it. I guess that's a side-effect from her becoming the Blank Grimoire.
  10. Next chapter preview. Nice to see Mai learning how to use Outseal.
  11. We won't and there's no reason to. Mai in her arcade route goes to look for Relius in order to determine if he's a threat and she only comes to seriously hate him after meeting him and learning how he views others. There's no need for her to meet him again in Variable Heart, especially when she had already met him in Remix Heart. It would be dumb for Mai to try and find out if Relius is a threat in CF if she had already seen him act like an evil bastard in Variable Heart. Mai in her victory quote against Kagura asks where Taro is, which embarrasses her. The fact she doesn't know his whereabouts and that she's embarrassed to ask makes it abundantly clear that there has been no romantic development between the two. After all if they were a couple she wouldn't be embarrassed to ask about him and one might expect her to know what he has been up to. Jin and Tsubaki was the most blatant and obvious pairing in the entire franchise and neither of them were crazy or brainwashed when CF ended but nonetheless they weren't shown together in the end. I suggest you give up hoping for a Taro/Mai ship; Taro's main function in Mai's story was to make her realize that she's attracted to men and thus come to the conclusion that she was no longer a boy in the body of a girl, but instead that her mind had also become that of a girl. That caused an identity crisis in Mai, pushed her to seek Seifer's help and eventually paved the way for her to fully accept herself as a woman. Beyond that, the romance with Taro was an afterthought; Remix Heart almost entirely focused on Mai's relationship with her friends.
  12. Why? Just because Es was from a different world than Nine and Celica doesn't mean that those two were also from a different world from the main BB world.
  13. Yes, Es is from a different world than Watashi. That's nothing new; we've known that the Xblaze and BB worlds diverged due to the Wadatsumi Incident since Code Embryo. That has nothing to do with whether Watashi and Imouto we see in Lost Memories is from the same world as the ones in Blazblue. I suppose that Watashi and Imouto being from an entirely different world would explain the discrepancies, but that is never said anywhere and would be a cop-out that would rob Lost Memories of any significance, since it wouldn't be the story of Nine and Celica but different characters whose lives ended up very differently.
  14. Both Celica and Nine recognize Es in win quotes though.
  15. Took me a bit to find this quote, but here: Hazama in Calamity Trigger Reconstruction outright says that every soldier that fought Ragna lived. This quite obviously contradicts the claim made in CF while the Embryo. Nobody ever accused Ragna of killing people before and since the past presented in the Embryo is demonstrably false for a ton of other things, I really wouldn't trust the accusations made in it that Ragna killed people, especially since there's absolutely no reason to believe that Ragna's past was somehow exempt from these alterations. It may be unrealistic that nobody was ever killed by Ragna, but these are the facts. ArcSys decided to make their lead character more sympathetic by sacrificing a certain level of realism. As for Lost Memories, quite a bit of what happened there didn't amount to anything. In it Nine came to understand and stop hating her father and also realized he actually cared for his family, which didn't fit at all with Phase 0 where Nine absolutely hated his guts and her father was planning to painfully sacrifice Celica in order to power one of his creations. Es doesn't remember anything about Nine or Celica in her win quotes. The fact she has no scenes with them in the story may be because she'd just go "why do you act as if you know me" and nothing would come of them. Then again the story mode in CF dropped a ton of plot threads, so the omission of a reunion between these characters was unsurprising. What I would have liked would have been a substory where Team Remix Heart got together again. Mai only ever met Noel in the CF story mode and Kajun never met any of the other girls. Considering how they had gotten separated in Variable Heart and never met again, it would have been nice to see them have a reunion.