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  1. Welp. Hope that they add the PS3 ver. soon since I need it as well. Not sure why they didn't want to put out the PS3 version on sale.
  2. Dota invoker comes to mind
  3. I guess you need to frame trap more to make them respect you. Dash breaking with barrier but you put yourself in a defensive position if they mash 2A/5A. It does great against DPers though.
  4. 5B > 5B 5B > (miro)dash 5B 5B > 2A 2B / 5B > tick throw 2A > tick throw / cmd grab / TRM (if opponent barrier then you got to dash to close in the range) 2A > 63214D~(6)6D (tick cmd super grab. iirc the input is this) 2A > 2A > 2A 2A > microdash 2A Cancelling into non-charged / charged ressenga/zaneiga from all normal. Mix it up on which normal to cancel from. 3C into stance shldn't be use that often since it's obvious after awhile. Cancelling the stance and dash up throw is an option too if they respect you too much. Chain shenanigan: stuff > 2C > jump cancel 2D~D > 2B to catch ppl reacting to jump 2C > IAD > j.2C (not very useful though) 2C > jump cancel backwads 4D~D (very fast) > whiff j.Cxn > land and 2B (again to catch ppl reacting to you in the air)
  5. Ourozama

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    https://twitter.com/majesticRD/status/661465136566177792 Hazama notes courtesy of @majesticRD
  6. Weird, I can but here's the full link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL9OkPXLIKc @14:06
  7. Where did you get this? Because this 2nd loketest video shows him doing 2D even when he's at 0 stock. https://youtu.be/jL9OkPXLIKc?t=14m6s On another note how do I embed video again?
  8. Ourozama

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    Hello, currently I'm having this error while trying to connect to dustloop on Chrome. Firefox is fine though. Any solutions? Nvm, clearing cookies solved it. Emoticon is the cause. Welp.
  9. 3C > 214D~B/C > IAD early j.2C? I tested it and it works on Ragna's dp at least but tbh I'm not very sure whether I'm doing it correctly or not.
  10. Wonder what changes they made to Haz's chain again. The trailer shows the old snake logo but without any counter on it.
  11. Ourozama

    [Xrd] King Ky - Combo/Setup Listing and Discussion

    Thanks guys for the inputs and.. sorry, I just only realized that the previous page already had info about this.
  12. Ourozama

    [Xrd] King Ky - Combo/Setup Listing and Discussion

    https://youtu.be/Ys8Ylj_Cyr4?t=20m1s Yeah 1.1 gameplay but iirc I saw Ain did this combo in 1.0 too... well I could be wrong though. So is there any tips on doing the microdash VT if it's applicable in 1.0? Can't seem to do it fast enough.
  13. Ourozama

    [Xrd 1.1] Ky Kiske Loketest Changes

    ^Yeah it works! https://youtu.be/MLfdA6arSco?t=20m51s CH VT is combo-able in midscreen now. 1.0 it always pushes the opponent too far away iirc? https://youtu.be/MLfdA6arSco?t=17m32s
  14. Just note that DP from Ragna, Jin, etc. or certain moves like Azrael's 6A beats Houtenjin clean but the opponent has to hard read you in the first place.
  15. Ourozama

    [P4AU 2.0] Sho Minazuki (Tsukiyomi) - Combo Thread

    http://youtu.be/OaC4GzFDCOA?t=16m10s FC 2D > dash 2C > jc j.2D > C tele > micro dash 2A > 5C > 2C > A knife > 5C > 2C > jc j.D > C tele > 2A > 5C > 2C > 5D > C tele [dmg 5220] It's been awhile so my notations maybe wrong.