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  1. Raven [Revelator] Video Thread

    GGXrdR レイヴン コンボムービー 「Re......」 http://nico.ms/sm29080618 #nicovideo Video has a bunch of setups, usage of tk j.236s, cool combos. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Welp. Hope that they add the PS3 ver. soon since I need it as well. Not sure why they didn't want to put out the PS3 version on sale.
  3. [CF] Hazama Combo Thread

    Apparently you can combo off a non-ch Jameijin on a grounded opponent with 2B. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1452530293 @08:29
  4. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    I see, thanks for your reply.
  5. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    I saw an image of Sonico's 6A with the hitboxes and stuff. May I know where to look for it?
  6. [CF] Hazama Gameplay Discussion Thread

    This Jameijin whiff into command grab looks good.
  7. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    Hello, just want to check about saber lvl 1 super (236AB). She has to recharge to use the whirlwind super?
  8. [CF] Hazama Gameplay Discussion Thread

    ^Getting 3.7k off CH jabaki is really good. Also 2.4k ~ 3k cmd grab and 2.5k ressenga. It didn't occur to me that the slide from jabaki can be combo'd into mizuchi rekkazan. So 2D has 110% bonus proration and apparently both non-charge/charged zaneiga has body invul frames? Make sense since I saw non-charged/charged zaneiga outright beating an EA and probably that clash with Kagura's DP in the 4 posts above. From the description on nico, if I'm not wrong, there's two more coming next week. Obviously, one being corner stuff while apparently the second one is corner side swap stuff(?). Excited about the corner stuff since what we have seen is pretty demoralizing. Will be kind of funny if the midscreen combo is better than the corner
  9. [CF] Hazama Gameplay Discussion Thread

    I did see zaneiga beating EA too which was pretty lol. Ayy.
  10. [CF] Hazama Gameplay Discussion Thread

    He's playing both.
  11. [CF] Hazama Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Thanks for these. Man his corner combo looks really meh and indeed boring Btw, just watched a Maximhero video where it has Noze Vs Ikemen (reminder of that beat up from last week :v) and I want to point put that Jameijin's hurtbox is probably shit or Az's 2B hurtbox is really small.
  12. [CF] Hazama Gameplay Discussion Thread

    I see. I'll definitely try and abuse Jameijin when the game hits the console haha. Btw it feels pretty weird that a bbcf Hazama combo video hasn't surface yet since in the past, his combo video is one of the first fews to appear on niconico quickly. Sure, technically his combo didn't really change much which is true for most of the casts but even so, IMO it's like they are saying this version of Hazama isn't worth making one. Maybe it's just me and hopefully it's the former.
  13. [CF] Hazama Gameplay Discussion Thread

    The change to jabaki is really bad. I kept seeing players netting a 3C into jabaki but because they were slightly off from the corner, they can only convert into 3C > jabaki X N. Used to get 3K-ish from 3C starter. Welp. Does Zaneiga > 5C(1) > 6C work? I thought why they went back to distortion not ending on the last hit but now I understand. So far, the notable Haz I saw is Yuika who has been playing a Jameijin Haz :heh: I'm not sure but he seems to be able to whiff Jameijin into stance quite fast (low recovery?).
  14. [CF] Hazama Combo Thread

    Saw Yuika did a crouching combo at https://youtu.be/v7nuIiAKj9E?t=19m11s 2A > 5C(1) > 6C > 5DD > j.2C > dash 5C > jagai > stance B then dropped. His option after jabaki in corner looks really bad...