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  1. Wait where have you guys seen/read about increased input buffer?
  2. He's fine, improved hitbox on his projectile, can't air throw from his glide tho.
  3. - Hurtbox increased when he's fallen on the ground and on crumple - 3HS now has 4 extra frames to be special canceled (you can easily hit confirm 3HS into greed sever now) - j.S hitbox increased downwards - Split Ciel staggers for 2f more
  4. Well there's no way to know right now but it doesn't seem like her overall gameplan changed like Johnny. They basically fixed her hurtboxes and reduced her meter building. I don't think she lost her combos or setups.
  5. Ky's j.S buff is pretty sweet for air dashes. Much easier to hit crouching opponents now. I think Elphelt is still pretty strong, just normalized.
  6. Did people really expect the holy trinity of BS Elphelt/Sin/Johnny wouldnt get mad nerfs when a new balance hit? lol
  7. Whoa everything is happening so suddenly lol Is there any word if we're getting a changelog?
  8. Clamper

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I've just bought the Steam version and it feels really fast. Anyone who played on PS3 before and is now on PC could tell me how many frames i have to add in training room input delay so it's close to PS3?
  9. So... what's with this option to add extra input delay for p1/2? I don't know why they'd even add this. Honestly i can see this being very dangerous for tournaments. Someone changed the p1 lag to +1 at KVOxTSB but i didn't pay attention if the next player changed it back.
  10. So can you play the demo until the game comes out or there's a time limit?
  11. Is it true the game (or the demo in this case) supports PS3 sticks? There are some people reporting this on twitter with pics but i'm not sure if it's an aprils fool joke or not.
  12. So it's a 60$ upgrade with DLCs day 1... sigh.
  13. I don't think Xrd has input buffers for normals, only for specials... correct me if i'm wrong. It was 2f on Xrd 1.0 and then they made it 3f on Xrd 1.1.
  14. Raven looks awesome, this masochist mechanic fits him so well. Can't wait for some gameplay videos.
  15. Clamper

    [Xrd] King Ky - Combo/Setup Listing and Discussion

    Hey guys anyone already tried this mixup after throw Rion did in this video? At 10:35... when i try doing this most times i get too far from the opponent to hit with 3HS. I managed to do it sometimes but i still don't know the trick to get it consistently.