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  1. Just got the JP demo. Haven't really had a chance to read through everything yet fully, but I don't think it's been mentioned yet: IAD buffer finally works on Arakune (inputting 96). This must mean he jumps faster now? Either way, after CPE being an immense disappointment as an Arakune main, I'm overwhelmingly glad to say that I love this iteration of Arakune. Went full retard mode and tried to post this comment in two wrong threads before posting it here... >__>
  2. MetaWaddleDee

    [CF] Arakune Video Database

    Does the full curse combo from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMmYlzUPNQ0 still work? Been trying this for the past hour and I can't get the j.A to connect after the second j.D
  3. GGs. Good to see another Arakune around. Thanks for the matches!

    1. MetaWaddleDee


      GGs to you as well.

  4. GGs. Feel free to play me again anytime you see my grinning ass in the lobby. XD Fun matches, I was caught off guard by some of the things you doing like 2A > 2D > j6c > dj c > IAB j. 4b> repeat XD lol

    1. MetaWaddleDee


      Will do. Glad I did something to catch you off guard, haha. Your Arakune is on a completely different level than mine, but I picked up on a few cool tricks throughout those games. The 2A> 2D> > j6C > etc. is a bad (or good?) habit from playing Tager a lot, since it can lock his fat ass down pretty easily if he doesn't jump out at the right time. Most other characters can mash out of that pretty easily, though.