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  1. IB annoyning blockstrings and then, mash them out
  2. yeap that's true. And if the opponent airtek backwards I give j.B> Agito/2A and the option works perfectly especial in the corner
  3. I mean the j.2C finisher and not the Agito one (j.214A).J.2C would let the opponent wake up in the air rather then knock them down. I think it depends from what starter you use in the combo to bring the opponent in the right position you want him to be.
  4. anybody knows what is the right timing to make an oki after the j.2C at the end of the combo? I sometimes do it fine, but other times the opponent's wakeup are too high so 5A or anything else can't connect correctly. Sorry for my poor english
  5. Of course, it's super cool! Instant blocking things is very importand for haku! Similary, Instant Block allows you to punish moves that are normaly too far out of range, or unpunishable for example, Ragna's 5C>2D is a true blockstring. with normal blocking, some blockstrings won't let you do any D move to punish, But the Instant Block is a problem solver! try to learn some basic combos like, 2A>6A>5A>3C or jB>5A>guren>2A>3C if you execute some of those you'll be able to do more it depends on the starter of the combo and how much stars you use for it, for more info check out the combo thread!
  6. Yeah but always depends on the projectile and also the distance of it, of course.
  7. I prefer using slashing moves like 4C or 3C as the case demands and then zoning plays like sj.2A > AD / dj and stuff, rather than pressing random D's on projectiles. Try to press the D moves when your opponent is trying to frame trap you while blocking. It can also come in handy in many other situations, for examble when you want to get away from the corner. 2D is the best choice for lows -> yukikaze if the opponent goes for a high (because sadly in cp blocking lows and instant 6D won't work anymore)